Date: 14th May 2010 at 3:25pm
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I think that we all know that I, like many, have had a few ‘issues’ with Admin Andy. To be fair I have not tried to hide these though have I, various things come out that see him ‘questioned’, his own personal motives and who/what he is working for. Talk today that he ‘missed’ a £4m swing in the accounts has not done much to ease things either way. He is a strange character and seems hard to read, gage or understand!

Sometimes he comes out with some things that leave you thinking, ‘this guy knows what he is talking about and we are not in bad hands’ yet others some of the thoughts he shares, or ideas he has leave you thinking ‘God lord man what planet are you living on’ and/or ‘are you sure you know what you are dong and are trying to help save this club!?’

I guess it is important for us to remember that he is looking out for the creditors, or is meant to be, as they are the ones he really has to satisfy – although seeing us come through the other side in a ‘decent state’ is to his, and UHY’s benefit too.

Yet, despite all of the above, all in all I think that I have ‘tried’ to have an overall, ‘he is what we have so we have to have some form of trust in him’ approach…

His thoughts last week about a wage cap were fantastic, all in all when you do stop and logically think about this, as we DO need this.

This wage structure is going, or meant to be, set at £10,000 per week, maximum. This was not something that I thought was ‘quite enough’ at first – it shows just how much football, and what happens in the day-to-day scheme of things can almost ‘warp’ your mind on things and take you so out of touch with the ‘real world’, as £10,000 per week is more than enough in all honesty.

If you stop and reflect, a squad of 15-20 players on £10,000 per week – £40,000 per month sees a monthly wage bill of £600,000-£800,000 per month! That is way, way too high for us.

Some will be on more than £10,000 per week if we can not offload them, others much less so it ‘should’ even itself out for us to work on the assumption that we get this down to that £10,000 p/w on average, so something like, working on 15-20 players, £300,000-£400,000 per month.

Lets work on gate receipts, at say an average of £20 per game – the average cost of a season ticket seat and regular match day ticket would see something like this, working on the basis of something around 12,500 attending regularly, as I suspect this is what we will be looking at…So, that is £250,000 in gate receipts for each game, roughly 2 home games per month is £500,000 per month.

Assuming we can bring the players wage bill down to the lowest end of £300,000 per month, which will be difficult, this is not ‘too bad’, but do not forget we have all the other wages, and costs to pay off and will other revenue streams bring in too much? Do we actually get much else coming in? Is the revenue form match day food and drink or is this hired out? It ‘seems’ like our merchandising revenue right were already ‘sold off’ elsewhere, so will this money generated actually go back into the club?

So, all in all his £10,000 p/w maximum salary cap is not a bad thing – this is a level that we have to be looking at for a while to steady the ship and get back onto a level playing field, chances are – at best – this will involve a few of years in the no power championship, which is something that I can deal with.

Anyway, I digress – whilst I think the above is worth a look this was not meant to me my main point…

‘Not getting involved in footballing matters,’ is something that Admin Andy has constantly said that he will not, or does not want to do – which is fair enough, although this seems to be happening a hell of a lot, with the same spiel then rolled out.

I understand, appreciate, and realise that we WILL have to cut adrift a lot of baggage this summer – the above musings give a rough indication as to why – but is a day or so before the cup final REALLY the time to be talking about ‘axing’ half a dozen or more of the players, that will probably feature in the cup final, almost immediately after this the time or the place to do this?

Not really is it!

Commonsense tells you, surely, that as much as you realise, and they probably do, this will be the case you do not go public and make such statements, do you?

David James has tried to make it ‘pretty clear’ that he would stay, and ‘word on the street’ is that he WILL accept the new ‘bottom line’ wages yet he said James WILL be one of those leaving.

This, for me, answers the thoughts I have had that contracts ending means players go – negotiations over reduced wages do not seem as though they are on the agenda at all, they are cut loose to compensate for the contracted players on large wages, who will then, if possible, be sold as well…Yep, the loanees will all go, and players that have any meaningful value will go – then again virtually anyone that sees and offer come in for them will go – but it ‘seems’ as though it is virtually nailed on that if your contract ends, you will go.

All again, to a degree is understandable, and you get this given our state but what Admin Andy needs to remember is our repayments ‘should’ be made over 5-years, we have a decent amount of parachute payments coming in too – yep, we reduce the wages and sell whatever we can but we DO need to have a club, and if we keep talking about players with the distain that we do how are we going to have enough to even field a side next season?

Sometimes it is best to say nothing at all, and for me, even if pressed on the issue of players leaving – which the media will do as they are jackals, you simple come out with a ‘diplomatic politicians’ answer, right?

Especially when you are talking ahead of the FA cup final!

You do not talk about players being axed immediately after this and then say, ‘I do not want to distract too much from the game,’ yet they are professionals, and they will want to win so these ‘big boys’ will have to accept their fate, but come on there is a time and a place for everything…


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