Date: 10th September 2008 at 8:20am
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I put Pompey before my country, not my vote, yours – and these findings from pentonpompey’s poll are thoughts I do share to a degree.

This ‘club verses country’ debate, which comes up more and more these days is something that I spoke about – as well as other issues connected to it – in detail last week – click here, so I will not cover this again.

To keep it simple I do take pride in my country, even if this is not as much as I once did, but given the choice between Pompey and England – if I did have to choose – then I would choose Pompey every time. That said at the end of the day there is room for both… isn’t there?

  • What the poll asked – Managers hate International breaks; but which means more to you. Club or Country?

  • How you voted – Pompey 63%, There’s room for both 33%, My Country 4%

  • Current Poll – The selection of sneakay’s idea to find what we see as the best premier league side continues.

    With just a couple of positions to fill, right midfield and the strikers we now look to select the right sided midfield player. This is what sneakay wants to know with this – ‘You are voting for your all time starting XI of the Premier League. The position is right midfield’ Let the poll do the talking before we do when it finishes.

    Before we move on what are your thoughts on what the last poll concluded? You know what to do, thoughts below please guys…


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