Date: 9th March 2010 at 9:03am
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It goes without saying that ALL Pompey fans are not proud of the fact that ‘we have not paid our bills’.

But the fact that ‘Potless Pompey’ – as you, I guess, rightly put it Mick Dennis from The Express – ‘probably will not be thrown out of the FA cup’ is down to NO ONE else BUT the FA. So, the other teams that have been in the cup this season getting the ‘slap in the face’ that they ‘could’ get as a result of us ‘possibly’ going on to win it are not getting this because of us, technically this is because of the FA!

Granted we have chosen to go into administration – but think of your own team though Dennis, what would you prefer? Potless and in admin or potless and liquidated! – and ‘perhaps’ under the FA’s own rules we ‘should have been thrown out’ but they, lets get this right mate, THEY are the ones that have, as yet, not opted to do this so this is the FA’s fault not OUR fault!

You say: ‘Crystal Palace were allowed to play on in the competition this season after going into administration – and my guess is that the FA will treat Pompey in the same way. Whether they should or not is a very different question.’

Erm, NO it is not a different question!

Ok, the club might owe a lot more, the club might not have paid its taxes and so much more – again NOT something we are proud of – but WHY should Palace, and other clubs that have played in this seasons FA cup that HAVE been in admin, have been treated any differently to us?

Other clubs HAVE NOT been thrown out for being in admin so why – even though we might ‘threaten’ the competition by possibly ‘daring to try to win it’ – should we be treated any different?

Fact of the matter is, on the whole, like the premier league the FA are spineless – rules is rules I will give you that BUT they have NOT enforced these rules during the competition so who the hell do you think you are going on a ‘one man crusade’ to ‘try’ to get us thrown out now?

I did not hear you banging on Stockport’s or Palace’s door back along when they were still in the cup…

As for you and the other jackals that make up the media my heart bleeds for you that you had to ‘suffer for football’ by having to buy you OWN food at the weekend as ‘the administrator has stopped them providing hot food in the media room’ – you swine’s have been sticking the boot in WHENEVER you can this season, and before, so tell me why the hell should we supply you with food and drink for this privilege?

Jog on!

Oh, in case you do not know what I am referring to it is this – Portsmouth glory would be a slap in the face – here.


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