Date: 30th January 2008 at 11:09am
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The Daily Mail reports today that Manchester City have made an ‘audacious’ bid of £5mill for Benjani!

Audacious? Downright cheeky I would say!

They obviously don’t seem to appreciate the high regard in which the fans hold Benjani.

His work ethic is second-to-none, which is a quality that Pompey fans often value above any other, he’s currently third highest scorer in the Premier League, and various reports suggests that he wants to stay with us for two years to the rest of his career.

Even if ‘Arry was prepared to part with the on-form striker, it would be an extremely unpopular decision with the Fratton faithful, and he would also have to ask for considerably more than £5 million…

I mean, isn’t that less than Wigan paid for Marlon King? And don’t even get me started on the price of the likes of Darren Bent…..

Typical mischievous headline this, and deserves to be contemptuously swept under the proverbial carpet.

Written by Tantona.

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18 Replies to “City offer £5 million for Benjani!”

  • crackin’ article Tantona – thanks for putting it forward to be published… completely agree with what you say – and have elsewhere – the papers clearly dont appreciate how much benji means to pompey and the fans, if they did they wouldnt even spout out this crap. again as ive also said i wouldnt be surprised to see city make an offer but £5m would be extracting the urine!

  • If their is any truth in Pompey considering the sale of Benji, it will only confirm ” The Madness of King Harry”.

  • Why on earth would we sell Benji when he is the only guy scoring goals on a regular basis? To suggest we’d sell him if we find a replacement is laughable. A replacement means another striker capable of equalling Benji’s hit rate this year [let alone his work ethic] – and you can count those on the fingers of two hands and each will cost in excess of triple what Man City are supposed to have offered.

    We know the press are not averse to starting unfounded rumours and now they add bad business sense to their skill set too.

    £5m in, £15m out? I don’t think so.

  • Benjis work rate is second to none for us, there is no way Harry will let him go. Will only ever see him in one shade of blue

  • As if! Perhaps if someone came in for 15 million for Benji we’d have to think about it but 5? Perhaps if the likes of Inter Milan came in, he might be tempted. But Man City? On yer bike Sven!

  • As one of the top scorers in the EPL, he’s worth a whack more cash than 5 mil. It’s pretty clear that despite a surprising start, Citeh are starting to tank and move back to a more realistic 9th or 10th place in the tables. Teams seem to have ” figured them out ” and they don’t look anywhere near as impressive as they did earlier in the season.

  • double that amount and as fantastic as he is for us it ‘might’ get the club thinking – but even then i would hope that we said no… benji is worth his weight in gold and altho ‘everyone has a price’ in many ways my personal opinion of benji is that he is ‘priceless’…

  • This is one of the worst links in the transfer window. Although one said it was to fund the move for guitarrez!

  • yes, but really, 5 million?!? that is an insult to benji as a player!!! (could this be a move to unsettle him, if they make him think he is only worth 5 million?)

  • Well if only we knew how this was going to pan out.. So Defoe omes to Pompey on the news that Benjani has signed but waking up the following morning.. we find Defoe is a Pompey player and Benjani is Still a Pompey player… We now have Benjani, Defoe, Baros, Kanu, Nugent… Striker problem.. what striker problem !! – will harry play 4-3-3 to keep them all happy ??

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