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Time was when Christmas Day was part of the Football League calendar.

In some seasons, teams would play on both Christmas Day and Boxing Day. Can you imagine trying to earn enough brownie points from ‘She Who Must Be Obeyed’ to enable you to go to the match on Christmas Day?

Anyway, Pompey tended to have mixed fortunes on Christmas Day; our defence showing too much goodwill to the opponents’ forwards to many an occasion (played 22, W4, D8, L10).

For the record, here are the results from Pompey’s matches played on Christmas Day:

1920…..Watford 3 Pompey 2…..Division Three South
1922…..Brighton 7 Pompey 1…..Div Three South
1923…..Millwall 2 Pompey 0…..Div Thee South
1924…..Pompey 0 Crystal Palace 0…..Div Two
1925…..Stockport 3 Pompey 3…..Div Two
1926…..Pompey 0 Nottingham Forest 0…..Div Two
1928…..Pompey 3 Aston Villa 2…..Div One
1929…..Pompey 0 Arsenal 1…..Div One
1930…..West Ham 4 Pompey 3…..Div One
1933…..Liverpool 3 Pompey 3…..Div One
1934…..Blackburn Rovers 0 Pompey 0…..Div One
1935…..Pompey 3 Derby County 0…..Div One
1936…..Charlton Athletic 0 Pompey 0…..Div One
1937…..Pompey 3 Preston North End 2…..Div One
1946…..Pompey 0 Arsenal 2…..Div One
1947…..Manchester United 3 Pompey 2…..Div One
1948…..Chelsea 1 Pompey 2…..Div One
1950…..Pompey 1 Chelsea 3…..Div One
1951…..Arsenal 4 Pompey 1…..Div One
1953…..Tottenham Hotspur 1 Pompey 1…..Div One
1954…..Blackpool 2 Pompey 2…..Div One
1957…..Chelsea 7 Pompey 4…..Div One

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12 Replies to “Christmas Cheer… or not”

  • imagine trying to 1) get – as tim says – ‘She Who Must Be Obeyed’ to let you to go to football on a christmas day and 2) the prima donnas we often see today to actually play on a christmas day and a boxing day, let alone just the boxing day as they do…

  • another fine article by the way NinjaTim – enjoyed reading it, glad we never lost to scum on a christmas day!

  • Nice one Tim. I have just started writing up Liverpool Away and was going to mention the 1933 trip. What a long way to go before motorways, air flights etc.

  • Nice article. I’m sure in the late 70s early 80s, we palyed home to Wimbledon on Xmas eve & drew 3-3? I see we lost 7-4 to Chelsea 50 years ago, ouch.

  • Judging by those results, there wasn’t much christmas cheer was there? twice having 7 put past us!!!!!

  • Good shout NinjaTim – Some of the results suggest a few cracking matches don’t they but as dave says imagine trying to travel to an away fixture without motorways or flights… (although I’m sure Owens would work out something:) As for clearing it with her indoors I had trouble enough this year with the arsenal game on Boxing day… The only way to keep the peace was to get tickets for her Dad & brother too.. Let’s hope it’s not a repeat of the christmas day fixture in 1951

  • if it is Chix they can never go again 🙂 ive been offered a ticket for that game, well actually 2 people have offered me, 1 is for free in the north lower, the other in the fratton end – but i have to pay for that… its very tempting but xmas is a family time, granted i have family in pompey too, but my immdiate family all live in the south west area now on the whole… not forgetting it’ll cost a fortune to get a train and the delays could be horrendous!

  • There are no trains on Boxing Day!! In fact there are no trains Between Havant, Fareham And Fratton this weekend. If you are coming by train to the Spurs game you’ll be put on a bus at Havant or Fareham.

  • Re Boxing Day travel….just like old times then!

    By the way didn’t Jimmy Greaves put four past us in that 7-4 defeat to Chelsea?

  • oh god i bet the old 7-1 drubbing from brighton didn’t go down to well, and at least the 7-4 loss to chelski was a bit of entertainment on christmas day

  • interestingly the two seasons that we won the league, we lost 3-1 and 4-1 to chelsea and arsenal respectively!

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