Date: 6th February 2008 at 8:50am
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Well it’s that time of the month again… I’ve dusted down my anorak and taken a look at the Vital Statistics for the month of January and boy what a month it was.

Not only did we have the New Year celebrations to discuss we saw the ‘Vital Pompey Live’ really come to life for the game against Reading … for those that missed that or any subsequent away games, it’s a chance to log on and share your thoughts with the rest of us whilst listening (or in my case for the Sunderland game, watching) Pompey away from home.

January also saw two victorious FA Cup ties against lower league opposition and hopefully February will pan out the same leaving a nice little semi at Wembley v the Scummers come March… Oh how I’ll dream.

We were also ‘treated’ to the Geordies trying to pull a fast one and nick our beloved leader Harry, not to mention the transfer window shenanigans around Defoe and Benjani.. some of which are still going on as I write.

All in all the events in January lead to a fantastic month for Vital Pompey which meant we not only managed to secure our place in the top twenty Vital sites but we jumped from 9th to 6th place leaving the likes of Blackpool, Bournemouth and even Arsenal in our wake.

The Points Table of the most active sites looked as follows:

1. Aston Villa – 30035
2. Millwall – 28539
3. Spurs – 20416
4. Chelsea – 12936
5. Sheff Wed – 12486
6. Portsmouth – 11753
7. Blackpool – 10629
8. Arsenal – 9936
9. Bournemouth – 8127
10. Swansea – 7228

Considering our (previous) best monthly total since October was 5794 it just goes to show how much the site (and the Network as a whole) has grown in just a couple of months .. more to the point we were ‘over the moon’ in November when we breached the 5000 mark.. we’ve doubled that now!

As far as individual contributions go, pompeycarpet took ‘and swallowed’ the biscuit in January recording 1545 points all on his own and although this was eclipsed by a few other ‘one line posters’ from a other sites pushing him down to 4th in the Network stats, I think Carpet deserves the status of not only Pompey’s top performer in January but also Vital Footballs … well down mate a crackin’ effort.

For those of you who are not aware Carpet has hung up his keyboard for the month of February in honour of Benjani leaving… but I’m sure he’ll be back soon if only to tell me I’ve got the wrong end of the stick on something, or ask eastneydave a question about a player who played for Pompey before 2005!….. only joking Carps 🙂

Once again Pompey was well represented in the Vital Network Top 100 with no less than eight members sitting proudly amongst the elite .. the roll of honour is as follows

1. Carpet – 1545 – 4th
2. Chix – 1306 – 6th
3. Rug – 1115 – 10th
4. storagematt – 739 – 19th
5. eastneydave – 620 – 29th
6. paultsmouth – 615 – 30th
7. jbaker – 457 – 60th
8. pompey4me – 451 – 61st

In addition to those above we also saw UK Tony & Whitestones enter the 300 club and Owens, Stillthewhizz and Russellm amass more than 200. Gleamer becomes the first person (that I’m aware of) to accumulate over 200 points under two different guises.. 277 under the original name of PompeyGleamer and a further 242 under the banner of Gleams..

The 100 Club was well populated once again with pompeygray (174), NK19 (145), frattonaussie (143), tracyc (135), plymouth graham (131) The ICEMAN (122), Et_tu_Pompeii (117), & blueape (111) all making a consistent contribution to the site.

As always take a bow fellas (and tracyc).

As I say every month my mantra when publishing these stats has become “it’s ‘quality’ not ‘quantity’ that counts”, which once again has been proved by all those leaving a post or commenting on an article and again it’s fair to say that the quality of what gets published on Vital Pompey is second to none and proves that we are rapidly becoming not only the best but the biggest Pompey site on the internet.

Just one final note, as always remember everybody’s contribution is valued and valid and it really doesn’t matter if you just log on for a minute or two to take part in the polls or the prediction league or (like me) use the forums to have a rant about something … but as I say every month, next time you do just spare a minute to say ‘hello’ you’re always guaranteed a
warm welcome.

I think that’s it.. Keep the debate fresh and lively and the anorak with come out of the cupboard once again in March..

Written by Chix.

The views within this article are the views of the individual who wrote and submitted this piece, sometimes solely theirs. They are not necessarily shared by the Vital Pompey Site Journalists.

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9 Replies to “Chixy’s Vital Statistic’s – January 2008”

  • fellas please do read through this it makes amazing reading and just shows how far vital pompey has come in a relatively short spoace of time… to have alost doubled a previous highest accumulated points total from one month to the next – yep the transfer window helped – is outstanding… you fellas make vital pompey what it is so please keep getting involved with your comments on articles or in the forum, or simply vote on the polls.

  • Well done to everyone. It’s not just about those of us who have nothing better to do & rack up points to get unito the top 10. We need everyone to contribute their opinion. Well done to us all.

  • It was a mad monthnot sure how I got all those points to be honest. Well done all and keep it up but as Chix says Quality is always better than Quantity!!

  • Well its either contribute here or talk to the wife; it’s safer to contribute here.If there are any females on this site- I am only joking. Yea right of course I am….lol.

  • i think that in the main it is also quality and not just quantity in our commetns isnt it dave in fairness… well done everyone but lets not rest on our lorrals…

  • wow this is amazing how much extra everyone posted over one month. lets not forget chix was top of vital football overall for a long time, which is no mean feat (y)

  • Cheers Bakes I was too and the Silent Carpet… oh how I miss him) was number one for a period as well.. until we got over taken by some who collect points but posting a similar irrelevant one liner on all 92 sites !… goes back to the ‘quality v quantity’ debate again … But as Rug says, and I’ve said in the past the majority of what gets posted on Vital Pompey is quality .. so we managed to strike the right balance I think… except perhaps when I a little tired and had a few too many.. Have you seen my Wheeler |Dealer Post in the forum… Reading it aai this morning I can hardly make out what I was trying to say.. fell asleep at the keyboard .. seriously !!

  • i know what you are saying about some of those ‘comments’ that people make, seriously they litterally copy and paste the same comment on various sites, sometimes on the same site in a different article – its crazy, and isnt in the spirt of vital football if you ask me…

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