Date: 1st September 2009 at 6:56am
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In a bid to keep you entertained on transfer day Chix wants to know which ‘potential’ Pompey players you have seen ‘out and about’ on transfer deadline day.

In a bid to keep you entertained on transfer day Chix wants to know which ‘potential’ Pompey players you have seen ‘out and about’ on transfer deadline day.

I’m not one to gossip but ?

We all hear stories and gossip about potential signings on Transfer Deadline Day This is your opportunity to share them!

Chix wants to know who you have seen out and about and what stories you hear throughout the day

So now matter how true or how imaginary share your thoughts, stories and sightings below


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  • 07:00 Just to get us off and running I?ve heard that a certain Zimbabwean striker missed a flight from Manchester yesterday because he fell asleep, apparently he decided to drive down South but was last seen at 04:30 in the M8 services !

  • The Twitchy one will sign all current Pompey players and rename Spurs….Bung City!! Pleased with the Ben-Haim signing.

  • 07:05
    The News are reporting that Ben Haim is a done deal.. mind you they said Zaki was done three weeks ago !.. still waiting for the official word

  • 7.25am…been up since 5am..hit the Brandy last night ..Any way even if that was true chix..we need someone who will hit the onion bag…£2.5m for Krunchy seems so low…spuds seem to do us in every deal…but he could go for nothing in the summer and as Rug elegantly said he would be a luxury this season…I would like some young players with talent to come in..I feel we will be OK come end of the season…..

  • I would let Krunchy go (although he has tons of ability, he’s given up) if we can swap him for someone. If its Spuds either we get O’Hara for keeps or someone like Dos Santos/Huddlestone plus cash.

  • Plymouth Graham
    £2.5m for a lazy good for nothing who would only jog his way to the World Cup (especially now Modric has done himself in.. Bite their hand off I say .. as for a luxury .. so is Cavier but don’t mean I like it (lol)

  • Fan’94
    Yeah we know that.. but there’s no fun in that is there.. better to build ourselves into a frenzy .. knowing that it’ll al be over by 5pm

  • 0745
    My neighbour has just returned from a camping holiday in North Devon – He camped near Jamo’s house .. The word on the street there is that he’s off to Sunderland for a cash + player deal for Nosworthy !

  • Eugene Bopp played for the reserves last week so I reckon this is one Paul Hart will get sooner than later – but fortunately we now have enough midfielders that we shouldn’t expect him to play

  • StuartM
    Bopp is a wierd one .. He’s been around since June so either Hart’s gonna offer him something or has just helped a mate put himself in the shop window.. I can’t see why he’d need to wait for Transfer deadline day though.. Why would he not have done it sooner .. at a push I’d say no!

  • Hasn’t Jamo recently been camera’d with a dolly from Hollyoaks? A move up north would seem more likely!

  • 2.5 m is not enough, HR would have gone more. I heard Benji was seen going round and round and round a roundabout in Basinstoke

  • I’ll be very surprised if James leaves, mind you if he does then Begovic seems a handy replacement…Yes Redknapp seriously sucks, I’m sick of his today already!!

  • Bluedr
    Busy.. yep I am.. but I love transfer deadline day .. keep your eye on this thread to see how I’m doing throughout the day!

  • Bluedr
    Jamo has indeed been seen with ‘our jac-key from Hollyoaks .. was introduced to here by Jermaine Pennant apparently who was going out with Merecedes from Hollyoaks .. but she dumped him for me !

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