Date: 14th August 2009 at 8:09pm
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Chix reveals his strategy to retain Pompey’s premiership status

Chix reveals his strategy to retain Pompey’s premiership status.

Earlier in the week I asked the question ‘If you were Paul Hart, how would you plan to avoid relegation?’ and many of you offered various ideas on how you would plan to survive the forthcoming campaign.

Some ideas were good, some were more .. let’s say Tony Adams! Some of you thought ‘all out attack’ was the best policy, whereas others said they would concentrate on winning our home games, others shrugged and commented that they would just take one game at a time and hope for the best!

Full details of who said what can be found here

But now it’s my turn. So .. ‘If I (Chix) was Paul Hart, how would I plan to avoid relegation ?’

Well believe it or not I think it’s simples! . Let me tell you why.

Mathematically, 33.33% of the 114 Premiership points on offer will keep us up … That’s 38 points if you haven’t got a calculator!

Now I’m not suggesting we try an obtain a point from every game, that would be daft!

Hoping for a draw at places like Old Trafford, Stamford Bridge, Anfield etc. is hard enough let alone expecting one, conversely only expecting one point at home to Hull, Burnley, Birmingham and the other teams we expect to be ‘in and around us’ would be madness in my book

So how do we achieve the magical 38 points then Chix I hear you cry!

Well this is how I would do it.

I’ve studied our fixtures and have grouped them chronologically into sets of three. (The first set being Fulham (H), Birmingham (A), Arsenal (A)) and for each set of three games I will target a minimum return of three points.

It won’t matter if we draw all three or just win one, all we need is just three points from three games.Or ‘3 from 3’

Now, you may think that our fixture list will throw up a couple of tough ‘sets of three’ and you’d be right! Sunderland (A), Chelsea (A) & Liverpool (H) in December is gonna be hard as is Burnley (A), Chelsea (H) & Liverpool (A) at the end of February/beginning of March, but I still think three points are achievable from both those (and all the other) ‘sets of three’ fixtures.

So confident am I that my system will work and Pompey will avoid the drop I’m even going to predict where the points will come from within each ‘set of three’. I am even going to publish my progress so you can applaud me when I am right or publicly ridicule me should I be wrong

Each time a new ‘set of three’ fixtures is about to commence I will provide my view on where I believe we should look for the minimum of ‘3 from 3’. I will then mirror these thoughts in the Vital Pompey Predictions League.for you all to see.

My first predictions will be on the front page early tomorrow morning.

So, what do you think of my system ?

Is ‘3 from 3’ always going to be achievable ?

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36 Replies to “Chix’s Chatter – ‘3 from 3’”

  • I’m so convinced this will work it’s dispelled all fears of relegation whatsoever – ‘We are staying up’ say ‘we are staying up’

  • Good plan, the way I would avoid relegation is; not sell all my best players; not get Paul Hart as manager and most importantly not get involved in a protracted takeover …… Bugger !!!

  • i would; sign Kanu on a one month deal; play him as a lone striker/midfielder; have 9 players in defence.

  • Eastneydave You’ll have to wait and see what I’ve predicted for the Fulham game .. although a winning start would be fantastic wouldn’t it

  • Russ

    You sound like that old geezer with the flowers who used to be on the Fast Show.. Ohh bugger! (lol)

  • Andrew

    Kanu on a one month deal – Why would anybody do that? .. It’ll take him that long to get back to the centre circle after he’s scored to single handedly save us

  • mathematical sound, and pretty senseable, can’t actually find anything wrong with it which is really annoying lol. be interesting how well you do on the preditions front cause surely theres a run of 3 games in the season where you don’t stand a chance of getting 3 points and ofc one where we’ll be aiming for 6 or even 9. but tbh i was never that worried about the season and you’ve just confirms my opptimism 🙂 (i think hart will surprise alot of people)

  • Only Pompey would sign Kanu on a month long deal, the pace of a 20,000 tonne rowing boat, he is going to rip apart defences, fact. I agree with pompeym@, Hart is going to surprise a lot of people this season.

  • Only Pompey would sign Kanu on a month long deal, the pace of a 20,000 tonne rowing boat, he is going to rip apart defences, fact. I agree with pompeym@, Hart is going to surprise a lot of people this season.

  • Win 10, draw 10 – it isn’t beyond us. It starts tomorrow with 3 points. FFC won’t know what’s hit ’em.

  • M@

    It a sound theory I tell ya but the predictions are gonna be tough but as long as we get ‘3 from 3’ that’s really all that counts tbh. The hardest sets of three are those mentioned in the article (unless we have any fixture changes) and I really reckon it’s doable in EVERY instance. Sure they will be times when we should expect more than three .. but three is all we need to stay up .. amything else is a bonus I reckon. I begining to think of Hart positively too

  • Hussler

    Kanu in the middle is like watching me ride a pushbike uphill – getting nowhere fast and extremely pointless

  • Andrew & Mad

    Re Hart and staying up .. I’m feeling good about both at the mo – The summer has been crap but I think we are about to turn a very big corner – 3 points tomorrow would be brilliant.. and then Birmingham !

  • UKTony

    10 wins, 10 draws and 18 loses would see us finish about 12th – That’ll do nicely but ten wins is hard to predict (against who?) even if you just target the home games.. ‘3 from 3’ is the way to go – Trust me..

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