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Questions 26 to 50 about our famous old club are ready for you to pit your wits against to see if you can win that mystery prize.

Well we are into Week Two.

Listed below are questions 26 to 50 of;
Chix & EastneyDave’s Pompey Quiz Challenge

To find out exactly how the quiz works click here, but in summary, remember:

A. Not all questions carry the same points value

You can gain extra points by testing Chix and Dave’s knowledge.
C. A ‘mystery prize’ will be awarded to the person with the most points.

There are four parts to the Quiz. 25 questions will be issued each week

You can submit your answers a section at a time or all at once, anytime before the closing date of Midnight on 1st August 2009

All answers must be sent to the Vital Pompey Office by clicking the submit answer link.

I think that’s it, except to say that it is not too late to join in, Questions 1 to 25 can be found here

If anybody has any questions whatsoever please let us know by leaving a comment below and remember you have to be ‘in it to win it’ so get your thinking caps on.

Good Luck!

Chix & EastneyDave’s Pompey Quiz Challenge
Questions 26 to 50
(50 points available)

Q26. Each pair of Pompey players share a surname but can you name them? – Len & Martin, Steve & Norman, Paul & Matt and Jason & Phil

Q27. Pompey clinched promotion to the Premiership by beating who 1-0 at Fratton Park? and who scored the goal?

Q28. True or False – Arthur Conan Doyle was a Pompey Goalkeeper?

Q29. Which former Pompey player became the first Football League substitute to be substituted when came on for Ian Baird and was then later replaced by Kevin Ball in 1987?

Q30. True or False – Alan Knight played his last match for Portsmouth at Ipswich in January 2000?

Q31. Who was ‘Fat and round and worth a million pound’ – According to the Fratton End in the mid 1980’s?

Q32. Vitor Hugo Gomes Passos was better known to Pompey fans as whom?

Q33. Which ‘Portsmouth FC Ladies’ player was recently voted Players` Player of the Season for the second season running ?

Q34. I played 188 league games for Pompey scoring 37 goals. I made my debut against Leicester City in 1993. Who am I?

Q35. Which club did Pompey sign Mark Burchill from in 2001?

Q36. Fill in the blanks: St. John, Dickinson, ____, Campbell, Ball, ____ Burrows?

Q37. Which player was allocated squad number 34 for the 2007/08 season?

Q38. In May 1989 Goodmans agreed a sponsorship deal to have its` name on Pompey’s shirt for two-years, but how much was the deal worth?

Q39. What was significant about Newcastle’s second goal in their 2-0 victory over Pompey at St. James’ Park in February 2006?

Q40. In 1998 Jamaica’s Fitzroy Simpson and Paul Hall became the first Pompey players to appear in the World Cup finals since whom?

Q41. Name the years when Pompey lost F.A. Cup Finals?

Q42. In January 2006 Pompey paid Spurs a combined fee of £7.5 million for which players?

Q43. In which season did Pompey twice score four times in a match and not win either game?

Q44. Who was the Grenadian International who spent a loan spell at Pompey in the 2003/04 season?

Q45. Rearrange these letters to spell the name of three former Pompey players – Leaky Dine, Airman Wine Jaw Rub & Modern Speed.

Q46. What Portsmouth FC record does Fred Brown hold?

Q47. Which players scored Pompey’s goals in last seasons 2-2 draw with AC Milan?

Q48. Who is currently Pompey’s longest serving player?

Q49. What was the venue for Pompey’s FA Cup Semi-Final replay v Liverpool in 1992?

Q50. Which player scored Pompey’s first Premier League hat-trick?


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68 Replies to “Chix & Dave’s Vital Pompey Quiz Week 2”

  • Well here we are in Week Two. At the moment we have three people within a point or two of each other jostling for Pole Position but it is early days and the Extra Bonus Points on offer for stumping Me & Eastneydave with one of your own questions are sure to play a part in the final reckoning. So thinking caps on and see if you can answer this week questions and also think of your own question that you can pose to us. As it stands PompeyFrippy and Gino look to have us well and truly stumped and Sneaky has us in a quandary about the colour of John Utaka?s boots! Think YOU know your stuff about Pompey? Come on Join in and you may just win that Mystery Prize.

  • Hurray, something that will keep me up for hours! Hope my little brain teaser isn’t keeping you up at night Chix!

  • No Frippy I am fast asleep …. Now where was I .. oh yeah dreaming of Cheryl Cole, Victoria Beckham, Abbey Clancy. Richard Hughes, Lassans Diarra, Kanu, Kanu (again), Diop, Kanu (yet agian), Diop (again) and one other …Any ideas who it might be ?

  • Having spoken to Dave, he informs me that this quiz has a bit of a misleading title…. he says it is all down to you, Chix!! Is the mystery prize getting named as Southampton boss?! 😛

  • Well Chix, I was at the Eastney Tavern on Sunday night, and my friends came along also. I had previously mentioned the question that I posed, and my friend then proceeded to say the answer, quite loudly, right next to Dave!! Hope he didn’t hear…. :-s

  • If he did Gino he hasn’t told me.. I’m still thinking but I don’t think I’m gonna get it without a clue (but don’t give me one yet) .. the only thing that I can not disprove at the moment is that they are all left footed but I’m convinced they are not .. In fact I’m sure they are not .. But just can’t rule it out categorically.

  • No worries – well when you want a clue let me know, I’ll have to think of a clue that won’t give the answer away! Left footed players? I won’t comment!

  • If he did Gino he hasn’t told me.. I’m still thinking but I don’t think I’m gonna get it without a clue (but don’t give me one yet) .. the only thing that I can not disprove at the moment is that they are all left footed but I’m convinced they are not .. In fact I’m sure they are not .. But just can’t rule it out categorically.

  • Gino I’ve decided that you have got the question wrong there is nothing that links Basinas, Diop, Belhadj, Kanu & Utaka together whatsoever … All I can think of is that it is so obscure we are never gonna get it .. either that or the answer will start with something like … ‘Other than’… or ….’Except’ and exclude a group of players that I have been including… I reckon that it has to be something to do with them being Internationals and there is no link to their Pompey profile.. and ‘if’ International there is nothing that group have done which on of James or Hermann or Crouchy or Kranjcar haven’t done… Actually come to think of it Kanu isn’t in our squad at the mo .. so I could declare the question invalid 😉 .. I wouldn’t do that mate … but I am utterly convinced you rather than I have missed something… This is gonna be a big victory for you 10 Extra Points !! If I don’t get it tonight – I want the answer not a clue .. I can then concentrate on Frippy’s question…

  • Okay Chix – I can tell you right now that there definately IS something that links Basinas, Diop, Belhadj, Kanu and Utaka – and no other member of Pompey’s current squad fit it! And it’s not as obscure as you might think, but I admit it’s not blindingly obvious! I won’t give you a clue unless you ask for it, but I will check this article regularly tonight, ready to claim my ten Bonus Points!

  • The answer is……. They are the only members of the current Pompey squad that play international football…..with a different international squad number to the one that they play with at Portsmouth! Basinas (33 for PFC and 6 for Greece), Utaka (17 for PFC and 7 for Nigeria), Kanu (27 for Pompey, 4 for Nigeria), Diop (8 for PFC and 19 for Senegal) and Belhadj (39 for PFC and 3 for Algeria). It’s easy when you know it…..

  • Sorry Gino but You are wrong! I thought of that and went though the current squad and checked their international squad numbers.. I thought perhaps that might be your answer even though it was pushing it a little with regard to Crouchy being Englands No9 and also as technically England do not wear squad numbers unless they are in a tournament so it depends on whose playing whether he gets No9 or not .. but that aside … You have missed something .. I did check and check again with you… but you were adamant 😉 Now you have to work out why you are wrong !! Chix wins ! I’m affraid.. Right… now on to Frippy’s question Thinking cap on !

  • It’s not Herman, or Kranjcar, or James, or even Richard Hughes .. I’m not even talking David Nugent … But there is another current Pompey squad member that has a different squad number for Pompey than he does for his country… and yes it is the ‘Full’ international squad .. in fact according to he was in the squad for the last international his country played

  • Dave – Herman does indeed wear number 7 for Iceland. If I work out the player Chix can I have some points? Chix I did look at Crouchy because he has worn all sorts of numbers, but he had No 9 for the last qualifier so I went for that!! I’m gutted, absolutely gutted….. and if you are talking about a certain Aaron Mokoena Chixy then that is so cheating because he hasn’t got a Pompey squad number yet and the points should be mine!

  • If I was thinking about Aaron Mokena Gino then that would be unfair (although technically right) but I’m not .. And no you can’t have any points for working out why I’m right and you’re wrong .. Must admit I’m loving this !!

  • Kranjcar? According to Wiki he’s squad number 8 – which is utter garbage, he’s ALWAYS 19!! You would be loving it, although it’s a MASSIVE technicality – if I’d asked the question months ago I probably would have been right!!

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