Date: 5th July 2009 at 8:48pm
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Reckon you know all there is to know about our famous old club? Well pit your wits against your two favourite anoraks and see if you can win a prize.

Well the waiting is over.

Listed below is the first set of questions in;
Chix & EastneyDave’s Pompey Quiz Challenge

To find out exactly how the quiz works click here , but in summary, remember:

A. Not all questions carry the same points value

You can gain extra points by testing Chix and Dave’s knowledge.

A ‘mystery prize’ will be awarded to the person with the most points.

There are four parts to the Quiz. 25 questions will be issued each week

You can submit your answers a section at a time or all at once, anytime before the closing date of Midnight on 1st August 2009

All answers must be sent to the Vital Pompey Office by clicking the submit answer link.

I think that’s it, except to say if anybody has any questions whatsoever please let us know by leaving a comment below and remember you have to be ‘in it to win it` so get your thinking caps on.

Good Luck !

Chix & EastneyDave’s Pompey Quiz Challenge
Questions 1 to 25
(50 points available)

Q1. Who are ‘The Axe’, ‘The Torpedo’, ‘The Undertaker’ and ‘The Wardrobe’?

Q2. Who was Pompey’s first million pound signing?

Q3. True or False – Pompey were runners-up in the Football League War Cup in 1942?

Q4. Which German born player was the only non-British member of The News all-time best Portsmouth XI compiled at the end of the 2007-08 season?

Q5. True or False? – Despite being born in Italy Pompey Midfielder Richard Hughes has represented Scotland at full international level.

Q6. At ‘six foot two with eyes of blue’ which big centre-half was ‘after you’ according to the Fratton End in the mid 1970’s?

Q7. What name was Predrag Radosavljević better known as ?

Q8. Who was Pompey’s groundsman between 1959 and1978?

Q9. Who was the first Pompey player to score at Fratton Park in the 21st century?

Q10. Which club did Pompey sign Mick Kennedy from in 1984?

Q11. Fill in the blanks: 13,__, 17, __, 8, 14

Q12. Which player was allocated squad number 26 for the 2008/09 season?

Q13. Why was the away fixture at Aston Villa on Boxing Day 1955 significant in the career of Jimmy Dickinson?

Q14. When Luton manager Joe Kinnear said “at least Dick Turpin had the decency to wear a mask” to what was he refering?

Q15. Which former Pompey player won a gold medal at the 2004 Summer Olympics?

Q16. Which unfortunate, yet unique fact do Jamie Ashdown and Noe Pamarot share?

Q17. Which Pompey legend had the nickname ‘Farmers Boy’?

Q18. Who provided the ‘Foreword’ for Alan Knight’s autobiography ‘Legend’?

Q19. Which current squad member makes no secret of the fact that he collects Raleigh Chopper bicycles and Action Men

Q20. Which former Weymouth player did Pompey sign on the Summer transfer deadline day in 2008?

Q21. Who was Pompey’s club Captain`s prior to Sol Campbell?

Q22. Svetoslav Todorov signed for Pompey from which club?

Q23. Who is Gary Sadler?

Q24. What is the postcode of Fratton Park?

Q25. How many League goals did Peter Crouch score during his first spell with Pompey?


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53 Replies to “Chix & Dave’s Pompey Quiz Challenge”

  • There you go people get your thinking caps on and get quizzing.. and remember if you can stump me and Eastneydave with a Pompey related question then there’s and extra 10 points on offer.

    Any questions whatsoever – Just ask

  • M@ You can use whatever you can get your hands on, fair means or foul.. Clever searches using Google will unearth a fair few I’m certain, but some I’m sure you won’t find on the net… anywhere !! Bear in mind though when Dave & I research stuff for our various projects we are constantly surprised how often google and (in particular) Wiki is wrong so check and double check… Good Luck!

  • Blimey there are a fair few toughies there. Looks like I may have to look for a new job whilst I am researching!

  • Fear not Sneaks I did say that I reckon anybody who can answer over half will be in with a chance.. I reckon if you can get 25 points from the 50 on offer then you’ll be doing brilliantly..

  • Yes use any source you can – even buying me a drink on Saturday might work ;-). Google some of the questions and you will probably come back to an article in Vital Pompey!! As we are THE source of all things Pompey.

  • I can’t believe we haven’t had at least one question to challenge us yet Dave. I’ve been sat here pen poised.. but nothing. All it’ll take is for somebody to stump us, gain 10 bonus points and they would immediately go into the lead…

  • Fantastic Quiz, and seen as nobody has asked any questions yet, I’ll have a pop, and I’ll do it in a Chixy kind of way.

    Who am I?

    1. I am a midfielder.

    2. I am from the continent of Europe.

    3. I have played for Pompey in the Premier League.

    4. I have also played in Scotland.

    5. I have only ever scored twice for the club.

    6. I am now retired.

    7. I played over 75 games for my country, but was left out of the World Cup squad.

    I’m not sure if I made that too easy or too hard, but I guess if you want a few extra questions of your own choosing (say 3), I will oblige.

  • Nice one to warm us up Frippy .. I think if I’m not mistaken it can only really be Eyal Berkovic … but I wondering if Israel is in Europe.. but hey they take part in the Eurovision Song Contest (so I’m told) so that’s good enough for me …. The only other thing that is worrying me is that Eyal scored three goals for Pompey .. Did you forget the one in the League Cup against Leeds ?… I wait to see what Dave reckons before we say Final Answer but I reckon this is ya man.

    What do ya think Dave?

  • Can’t disagree Chix. He was left out of the Israel squad by none other than Avram Grant. The only interesting point is is Israel in mainland Europe?

  • Well I’ve spoken to my local Rabbi and asked him if Israel is in Europe and he said “No. It’s in the Middle East… however, in a few aspects it is considered as if it was part of Europe, like in sports” Well I reckon that’s good enough for me so Frippy Were gonna say Final Answer: Eyal Berkovic Are we correct?

    Anybody else wanna try and earn some bonus points Just type your question below

  • You are indeed correct, even though I was unclear with the questions. I did mean to write league goals, but it didn’t stop you guys. Well done.

  • Hmmm… Chix/Dave are you allowed to be looking up the answers to the questions we set you, in the same way we are allowed usage of Google?

  • Either way here’s a cracking one for you, in the spirit of question 11.

    Fill in the blanks:

    16, __, 4, __, 11

    P.S. There is no particular order of these numbers!

  • Gino I think we are allowed the same resources as you guys don’t you? Afterall we are setting ourselves up to answer every question and you can’t expect everything to be in our heads!. That said (and I’m sure Frippy will back this up) the speed at which I initally answered the Berkovic question (five minutes) probably indicates that I didn’t look it up – Where would I have started ?.. Must admit I needed Daves clarification and the use of The Rabbi though! Anyway.. let’s not be picky we got it right so its Chix & Dave 1, The rest of Vital 0 (lol).

    Now on to your question Gino I must admit I’m a bit stumped when it comes to understanding the question .. as if there is no order to the numbers then the blanks can appear anywhere (is that right?) and it also presumes that there are only five numbers in total rather than it being a sequence (Is that right also ?) That might very well be the case but I think we need some clarification (not clues.. mind) before we think any further..

  • That’s right Chix the blanks can go anywhere…. it’s 5 numbers essentially that are all connected in some way. If you find the meaning of the numbers on show, then the other two numbers should be a doddle. I’m pretty sure that’s given the blasted answer away!!!!

  • Tracyc In a similar context to what I said to Gino above – You can use whatever means necessary to answer them. ‘Most’ can be found on t’internet if you look hard enough and don’t forget, this set of questions is the first of four so you have approx a month to answer before the closing date (should you need it).

  • Not sure it has Gino(lol) but thanks for the clarification – So any order but only five numbers .. that’s cool .. my thinking cap is on !.. I just wish EastneyDave would come back from the pub !

  • (five mins later) Got it .. ! I think it’s 25 & 32 but I’m gonna have a fag and check something in the garage ..

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