Date: 5th May 2011 at 4:08pm
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It’s Thursday so get ready to join Chix and throw in your opinion for a lively on-line debate about all things Pompey

After the success of last week I am back for another round of Chew The Fat on Vital Pompey !

At around 7:30pm tonight and every Thursday thereafter I will be live on-line to discuss the topics of the week.

Nothing special, just me on line to respond ‘on the spot’ to your thoughts, comments and opinions on the issues of the week, hopefully with a bit of fun, banter and controversy thrown in as well.

I’m happy to discuss all things Pompey however tenuous, so just toss in the topic you want to chat about and we will take it from there.

How about ..

Hayden Mullins as our Player of the Season. Who would have thought that a couple of years back? Maybe you? or are we really that thin on the ground that we had very little to choose from or perhaps you think Mullins really has been the unsung hero that some claim?

What about your thoughts on a song to sum up Pompeys season! Would you go for The Only Way Is Up, or Down Down (deeper and down) perhaps you would plump for Money’s To Tight To Mention? Let me know what you think or better still, suggest a few of your own.

How about offering your thoughts on next seasons derby games? With Scummers and the Seagulls once again back in the same league as us, are you looking forward to it or does it show how far Pompey have fallen .. or how far our neighbours have risen?

Perhaps you want to discuss the latest takeover speculation.. well whatever it is I want to hear from you.

So if you`ve nothing better to do join me only on Vital Pompey, on this article and in the forums for what promises to be a lively debate.

I might even throw in the odd Quiz Question too !

Alternatively, if you are unable to join in at 7:30 tonight but want to add to the debate why not throw in your two penneth worth right now?


28 Replies to “Chew The Fat With Chix – May 5th”

  • Don’t miss your night with Chix it should be fun especially after he has had a couple of Stellas!!

  • Ok fellas.. It`s 7:30 .. and I`m ready to ‘chew that fat`. Anybody out there ?

    [Edited by Chix]

  • Some thoughts and comments already in the forum from
    Pompey Jake
    which I will feed into the thread as the night progress… including a couple of suggestions for songs that sum up Pompey?s season…. Can we get a top Ten by the end of the evening ?

  • To pick up on comments already made… Thanks for the testimonial
    but the Stella is sat firmly in the fridge tonight … I?m on the Crabbies instead !

  • .. and

    Mick Tait

    (yosser himself) .. will be here given the chance.. what will that take ?

  • Anyway… Hayden Mullins as player of the season … Personally, as much as I think he has had an OK season .. surely he won it as a result of others not playing as much as he did.. sure he was a virtual ever present .. but then again so was Jamie Ashdown and he surely saved us a few vital points throughout the year (granted he cost us a few too) but he was far more than just ?reliable?

  • Pompey Jake said …

    I was surprised Mullins got player of the season. Rocha couldn’t win it because of his appalling discipline. If he hadn’t of got those reds he’d have won hands down for me. Personally, I’d have gone with either Joel Ward or Greg Halford.

  • We have to build a completely new side for next season. Who would build it around?

    If Halford could be bought where would you play him? I think he is wasted at Centre Back although he has done a great job there.

    Have you read my rumours in the ed’s area?

  • Joel Ward (for me is an excellent shout (didn?t he get the London Branch of the Supporters Club award ?) .. At the beginning of the season everybody was raving about Matt Ritchie and Nadir Ciftci (among others).. but Joel was the one who came through and whatever you think of SC?s attitude towards youth .. Joel Ward must be a happy man right now

  • Eastneydave

    Well I think the Michael Owen for £1m is a bit steep… but I reckon both Halford & Distin can form a formidable partnership ..

  • I have just had an advert open on my screen – ‘Six Sessions of Pilates for £12 at Everybody Pilates (Value £36)’ is UKTony out there somewhere!!

  • … and the Russian takeover deal to be done ?VERY? soon .. well here?s a extract from the Daily Telegraph
    The ownership of Portsmouth, last season?s FA Cup finalists, is about to pass into Russian hands, with Vladimir Antonov to travel to England in the next few days to complete a deal.
    The article was written 15 days ago !!!… How ?soon? is ?soon? is the question I guess

  • Back to PompeyJakes thoughts on Player of the Season … Halford is also a very good shout and although the poll on the front page suggests that it?s De Laet who we?d most like to keep (by virtue of being bottom of the poll to see which player we?d least like to sign) I would love to see Halford in Pompey blue next season .. on a permanent basis of course … trouble is Wolves may want him back if they go down …

  • .. and Eastneydave I actually would pair him with Rocha in the centre of the back four … he?s everything we wanted Joel Ward to become (but ready now) .. and Ward?s destiny seems to be in midfield following Cotterill?s comments a month or so back

  • An interesting debate going in the forum as to whether Saints are THE team on the south coast at the moment…

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