Date: 19th May 2011 at 5:24pm
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It’s Thursday so get ready to join Chix and throw in your opinion for a lively on-line debate about all things Pompey

I am back this evening for another round of Chew The Fat on Vital Pompey !

As is becoming the norm at around 7:30pm every Thursday I will be live on-line to discuss the topics of the week.

Nothing special, just me on line to respond ‘on the spot’ to your thoughts, comments and opinions on the issues of the week, hopefully with a bit of fun, banter and controversy thrown in as well.

As always I’ll be happy to discuss all things Pompey however trivial or important, so just toss in the topic you want to chat about and we will take it from there.

How about ..

The News are you like me getting totally sick to the teeth with the way our local rag reports on P.F.C – I’m no expert but I reckon even I could do a better job given the resources and contacts they supposedly have .. What about you ?

How about your thoughts on the recently announced Chelsea friendly. Will you be going or will you not spend your hard earned cash on what may turn out to be a practice match for Chelsea reserves. Come and share your thoughts

Or maybe you want to air your view on the latest takeover speculation – Just for a change .

The bottonm line is that if you’ve nothing better to do join me only on Vital Pompey, on this article but mainly in the forums for what promises to be a lively debate.

I might even throw in the odd Quiz Question too !

Alternatively, if you are unable to join in at 7:30 but want to add to the debate why not throw in your two penneth worth right now?


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  • Or .. Maybe you want to have your view on which Premier League Club will join West Ham in being relegated on Sunday.. Who would you like to see at Fratton next season

  • Dearest Chix,
    Pompey are known for having very vocal fans, but we are also mocked for having a very small repertoire that we perform. My question to you is; Why do you think Pompey fans have such trouble getting new chants into the ground? Plus when we do, they are just the chant of players names sung to old chants.

  • Welcome !

    Well good evening people .. Given the season is over I’m expecting a quiet night tonight .. So I’ve poured myself a substantail glass of red and am sat back waiting for your thoughts and comments..

  • Well .. What do you know.. No sonner have I taken a sip them


    Kicks us off with a cracker of a question.. And something I have been vocal (‘cuse the pun) about on many occassions..

  • Before I respond I will just mention that I have, in the past tried to get many a new song going at Fratton… The Mokoena Chant I started the first match he played took ages to kick off and when it (eventually) did it was changed (fair enough) by the masses to make it easier to remember…

  • My Armand Traore song from a few years back was (in my honest opinion) a cracker .. When he flies down the wing and he cross one in .. That’s Traore.. On the head of Defoe in the back of the goal… That’s Traore… .. But did it take off .. Nah .. Somebody joked that there was ‘too much to learn’ .. but for christsake the Scoucers sing whole verses to songs and seem to remember them..

  • I can tell ya that the invention of new songs is not something that Pompey fans suffer from the problem is getting them known .. And to get then known you have to make people hear .. But how … Controversial point coming up ….

  • .. When the majority of lone voices .. And that’s what it is initally .. Get drowned out by Westwood and his merry band of drummers banging out the same old ‘tunes’.. Over and over and over again .. I say ‘tunes’ because they are generally no words to the ‘music (lol) that accompanies them ..

  • I’ve nothing against MR PFC and his followers generally.. but we do pay a price for the atmosphere they create ..

  • perhaps the only person who thinks your songs are good is you ..come on even you thought that mokena was crap in fact it was worse than than

  • Some people have used the argument that all seater stadia doesn’t lend itself to groups getting together and starting new chants which I agree with to a certain extent .. But …

  • Some people have used the argument that all seater stadia doesn’t lend itself to groups getting together and starting new chants which I agree with to a certain extent .. But …

  • Let’s be honest, most clubs fans here another clubs chant and adapt it, such as Hello, hello we are the Portsmouth Boys……first sung by Utd I think. We manage to get those into the ground ok, but having our own special chants is what makes the fans great and makes many people laugh the first time they hear them.

  • Sea-Juicer

    Whether my ‘Mokoena’ song (or him himself) was crap or not is irrelevant .. The fact of the matter is that is was adopted in time.. The question


    asked was about the fact that we are loud but boring in the songs we sing.. Even you must admit it gets a bit tedious at time hearing the same old songs over and over and over again.. In fact I reckon we’d be hard pushed to name 10 songs that are sung at Fratton on a regular basis..

  • .. And that’s not ‘Stand up if you hate the Scum nine times.. & ‘Play up Pompey’

  • Also next question. Football kits. Is it wrong that clubs release a new football kit each year? Really? At the end of the day it is an item of clothing for many people that gets worn more times than a lot of other things in our wardrobes. You don’t here people complaining that Ralph Lauren has just released a new shirt with slightly different buttons two months later, or that Nike have knocked out another pair of trainers in a different colour only 6 months since the last pair.

  • Hi Chixy, q1 I’m on a large glass of excellent 07 Burgundy what are you drinking? Q2, I’m bored of the old anti stains songs, I feel they are backward, boring, a touch moronic and reflect badly on the club- oh- apart from the ever pleasant ” 4-1 in your own backyard”. However as we are to be receiving 6 points from that lot down the road this season ( pls pls pls) Westy’s boring chants are likely to be heard again; how do we move on? Should we try? So 3 questions in fact.

  • Hang fire with the kits for a mo


    I wanna pick up on Russellm points first .. But I have jotted on the wipeboard so I don’t forget (lol)

  • russellm. Just to add that I am on my third large glass of Wolf Blass Chardonnay. Will probably move onto Shiraz after this one. 07 Burgundy hey. Very Classy. You should check out my Blog. not that I have really gotten going on it yet. Looking for input if anyone wants to help?

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