Date: 16th June 2011 at 4:38pm
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Get ready to join Chix tonight @ 7:30pm and throw in your opinion for a lively on-line debate about all things Pompey …

Wow what a week !

There must be loads of topics to discuss on this evenings Chew The Fat and as always on a Thursday, I`ll be live and on line from approx. 7:30 only on Vital Pompey to seek your views and give my opinion on the events of the week.

As always I’ll be happy to discuss anything Pompey however tenuous, so just toss in the topic you want to chat about and we will take it from there.

How about ..

Transfer speculation – How do you feel about the David Norris signing and any others we may have lined up …Heard any rumours ? Or what about David Nugents proposed move to Leicester or more annoyingly the (supposed) number of Championship clubs that are lining up to offer Danny Webber a contract – Should we have kept him ?

What about your thoughts on The Five Year Plan that Steve Cotterill has mentioned is needed to fully rebuild Pompey ..Too slow or too ambitious ?- Share your thoughts tonight from 7:30

Perhaps you want to discuss the suggested transfer embargo David Lampitt has stated there is nothing to worry about – Do you trust him or are you still a little bit worried?

Those that have taken part in any of the previous Chew The Fats will no doubt testify that a lively debate always ensues both on the front page and in the forums.

So why not join in with me ‘on the spot’ to respond to your thoughts, comments and opinions on the issues of the week, hopefully with a bit of fun, banter, controversy and maybe even one of my many humorous anecdotes thrown in for good measure as well.

Come on log on @ 7:30 and share your views only on Vital Pompey

Alternatively, if you are unable to join in tonight but want to add to the debate why not throw in your two penneth worth right now?


32 Replies to “Chew The Fat With Chix – June 16th”

  • .. and if you can name the player in the picture at the top of the article .. You may well win a prize..

  • thats easy Chix try & make them a bit harder please its our old Irish International Noel Blake

  • Sorry Chix, won’t be able to make it tonight, time difference is just too much for me, but I can tell you who is in that picture; Gregory Vignal, decent enough signing, one of a few we got from Liverpool I believe, but then he went and spoiled it by playing for the Scum.

  • Its Gregory Vignal, would of answered straight away but thought we had to wait til 7:30 which i said on the thread. 🙂

  • Yep should’ve kept Webber, embargo was just made up by the news; complete dishonest article. 5yrs is about right for Cottto learn tactics and to speak English . Job done ! I’m off to plan round the island yacht race, big strategy meet. What drink to you take for the girl crew, 1 tin of medium german White wine or two?

  • I thought Cotts said he had players lined up to arrive? As soon as the takeover went through he changed his tune sharpish.

  • Apart for the obvious.. Our one time Irish International Noel Blake .. Well according to


    that is .. But have you seen the picture of him that


    has pasted in the forum… Well worth a look I reckon .. Just look for the ‘Chew The Fat’ thread

  • Some comments already made both on this thread and in the forum .. Stick around and I’ll try and work both together … But flick between the two and see what comes up in tonight ‘CTF’

  • Gonna start with


    dig at our boss ‘SC’ .. And although I agree that I too had expected a few signings (even if loans) by now .. I don’t think he is changing his tune.. He is just voicing his opionion of what he believes it will take to get Pompey back straight again.. and to be fair I agree with him..

  • What I don’t get .. And forgive me if I’ve missed something obvious – but I was away from the boards for nearly a year .. Is why Steve Cotterill seems to be public enemy No1 .. Every other poster seems to have a dig at him .. For things which I think are (almost) totally unfounded .. I don’t understand why we can’t cut him some slack and appreciate what he did for us last season .. Who else would have come to Pompey and managed to secure another season in the championship .. Do we all have such short memories.. ???

  • Decent enough signing .. Is was he said Paul.. I think he made a typo and was referring to he voice .. Decent enought SINGING perhaps .. I think Jason R was nearer the mark in the forum ..

  • I’m a fan of Cotterill, he seems to be a motivator, he maybe not to keen on some players and have his favourites, but that just reminds me of our most successfull manager of the last 50 years! And he has stayed loyal

  • I agree Paul .. There are a lot of similarities between SC and Sandra’s husband (haven’t use that in a long time) .. But I think on the whole I really don’t have a axe to grind .. He wants to do things his way .. And why now … He is afterall the boss !

  • Saggy Chops, ah, the memories, I know a good reference to him that someone made in Newcastle when he was still manager!

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