Date: 7th July 2011 at 4:51pm
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Get ready to join Chix tonight @ 7:30pm and throw in your opinion for a lively on-line debate about all things Pompey …

Another Thursday, another ‘Chew The Fat’

As always there are loads of topics to discuss during this evenings debate and as is now the norm I’ll be live and on line only on Vital Pompey from approx. 7:30 to seek your views and give my opinion on the events of the week.

I’m happy to discuss anything Pompey however tenuous, so just toss in the topic you want to chat about and we will take it from there.

But to get you thinking, how about..

Players on Trial – This week we have heard that Steve Cotterill has ‘locked the gates of Fratton Park to trialists’ – A move I would ordinarily agree with, but is The Boss correct to do this now considering our lack of depth in the squad – Is Mr. C closing off a route to finding a diamond or is he right to concentrate on what he has got and ignore any potential candidates that perhaps could do a job for us next season – What do you think ?

Return of The Mac – This week has also seen the return of Alan McLoughlin to the club. Many have viewed this really positively just because it is Macca and Macca is a legend – But is employing out of work football pundits really the way to go ? Perhaps you think the youngsters will benefit from working with a former player of his stature but how many 15 or 16 years old would have any idea who Macca is? .. other than an out of work football punditShare your view!!

Puncheon A Scummer – So Jason Puncheon would welcome a move along the M27 eh! – Some may claim that signing a Scummer is the worst thing that Pompey can do – Others will say that it really doesn’t matter if a player has played for ‘them down the road’ as long as he gives his all for Pompey (much like Macca in fact) – But what is your view? The player aside, would you really care if a player in a blue shirt had previously played for Saints or do you think they would never be accepted by the Fratton Faithful. Have your say!

Those are just a few ideas for discussion, but as I say every week … It’s your agenda and anything goes!

Those that have taken part in any of the previous editions of ‘Chew The Fat’ will no doubt testify that a lively discussion is always had by all.

So why not join in with me, ‘on the spot’ to respond to your thoughts, comments and opinions on the issues of the week, hopefully with a bit of fun, banter, controversy and maybe even one of my many humorous anecdotes or a quiz thrown in for good measure.

Come on log on @ 7:30 and share your views only on Vital Pompey

Alternatively, if you are unable to join in tonight but want to add to the debate why not throw in your thoughts right now? and I’ll respond to them throughout the evening.


‘Chew The Fat’ has a spin-off article entitled ‘The Gristle’ – A weekly look at the one topic that didn’t get the air time it deserved during the week. Keep a look out for it over the Weekend. Only on Vital Pompey


20 Replies to “Chew The Fat With Chix – July 7th”

  • “I’ll be live and on line only on Vital Pompey from approx. 7:30” – good job I am going out then!!

    Good luck with the chat and don’t pinch too many of the ideas coming in Sunday Toast such as the Scummers angle grrrrrrh.

  • Cheeky so and so .. Good job your going out !!
    Sorry about the ‘Scummer angle’ Dave .. But you never know it might not even come up (much) .. And if it does maybe it’ll give you a few quips and quotes to use for the welcome return of Toast …

  • Alrighty Chixy, still won’t be able to make it tonight due to the fact that sleep takes a priority (until the pre-season friendlies start at least). But I’m kinda stepping on your toes with my upcoming venture into Quizmaster territory, if you haven’t seen it yet, there is a Frippy’s Mastermind thread buried somewhere in the forum, make sure you sign up and spread the word, should be a lot of fun!

  • Cheers mate, I have no idea with the picture, I’ll have a stab in the dark with Gianluca Festa.

  • The player in the picture was signed from Derby in 1999.

    Chix Any chance you replying to my email?

  • when does the football hour start again and are express covering the friendlies ! ! !anyone know

  • Dave

    Sorry mate .. Have now read the email and will dig around at the weekend and response – Great Idea .. Oh and he was ‘loaned’ to Pompey initially .. And in Jan 2000 .. Just me being picky .. But I’m sure you know who it is ..

  • Altyblue..

    Spot on fella .. You are correct .. Loaned from Derby then signed perm .. We sold him for £450,000 the following January ..

  • Hussler

    No idea on the football hour Hussler .. But I’ve heard that Express are covering the friendlies.. But I’ll check with my mate there and let you know later tonight .. If he answers his text message ..

  • 21:30 hrs

    Lots of debate and lots of ‘viewers’ .. If you are a non member and viewing why not join up and have your say too

  • Answer to an earlier question

    I’ve had it confimed tonight that Express FM ARE covering Pompey’s friendlies

  • 22:30 hrs

    Right getting near the end of my slot .. I’ll be around for the next hour or so on and off so if you want to add to the debate please feel free and I will respond..just a little slower than normal.. thanks to all that took part in the forum and on the front page and to ‘the viewers’ as well.. see you all next week .. and don’t forget ‘The Gristle’ .. out sometime over the weekend..

  • It may be a bit late now Chix, but do you know if Express FM are broadcasting the friendlies online? I know they can’t with the league matches, but seen as these copyrights don’t apply to friendlies there should be no problem.

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