Date: 26th June 2009 at 7:19am
Written by:

Right guys,

Vital Pompey has undergone a ‘slight makeover’ – just a little nip and tuck here and there to give it a sleeker, more chic, no, not Chix, look.

Of course I know some do not like change, that is why there is not a lot of change but it gives it that sleeker more modern look and this will – in time – give us more scope for more things on this network…


To begin with we might have a few ‘teething problems’, mainly in the forum, with ‘bugs….new attachments getting super-sized but that’s about it I think,’ is what I am told. Avatars, or our forum images if you will, might play up too? They are not lost though!

A few other minor changes will occur in time, but these are things that can be ironed out seamlessly shortly so no need to hold back on the rolling out of this as we ‘sheikh’ things up…

If you experience any problems give me a shout, click the envelope, but we hope that you enjoy the slightly modified Vital Pompey!

So, let us know what you think – thoughts on the change are welcomed, we are thick skinned so can take views that are not so kind…within reason…

Also, and this is totally unrelated, the Vital Football Network has been experiencing some problems – it looks like someone has attempted to hinder this networks progress perhaps, engineers are working on this and it is hoped that ‘most’ issues being experienced are not actually affecting you guys anyway, more our actions behind the scenes.


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