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The latest question was from Owenspompey and the task – The real Christian name of Benny Kristensen was and why was his real name not used?

Well here goes – Benny Kristensen was signed from Newcastle United for £120,000 on 19 March 1993. Newcastle were then managed by Kevin Keegan and players were coming and going on an almost daily basis. In fact later that year Mark Stimpson made the same trip.

Benny’s real Christian name was Bjorn. The reason for not using that name is a bit more difficult, I believe he was a big Abba fan and Benny not Bjorn was his favourite but I am not sure how true that is.

Benny a Danish International played 83 games in all competitions for Pompey scoring 3 goals. Only one league goal in there at Bristol Rovers Easter Saturday 1993 in a 2-1 win.

I think our only other Danish International was the Great Escape hero Brian Priske.

Written by eastneydave.

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24 Replies to “Challenge Dave #3”

  • great stuff as always dave – always a pleasure to read what you produce… we had the awful – at first, but then he came good – thomas thorgersen didnt we altho he didnt play for denmark at all when we had him did he…

  • Well I didn’t know his real name wasn’t Benny – As always, thanks Dave. Didn’t we have another Kristensen or Christenson I seem to remember a little Scandinavian (but no idead if Danish, Swedish or Norwegian) blonde guy scoring a cracking goal at Fratton some time in the eighties (definately before Benny joined) I think his name was Tommy ??

  • There was another – Tommy Christensen – have to look up details when I get home. And yes I forgot Thorgesen he was Danish too. Compiling a list of Pompey Internationals is a thankless task and I am giving up on that one. The club used to keep a board of all International caps, not sure thay do now.

  • i couldnt stand thorgersen at first, i thought he was awful but he came good didnt he and i was even disappointed when he left in the end – where was it he went, walsall?

  • Yes Thorgersen went to Walsall. and one strange fact he scored for Pompey at Palace in 2000 the next year he scored for Walsall at Palace. Odd because he was hardly prolific just like Palace.

  • Tommy Christensen played in the match against Spurs ’85? Milk Cup at Fratton if I recall, the one where Alan Knight skinned Chris Waddle on the wing! Rumour had it at the time that he was a bit of a racist and fell out with Noel Blake, thus no permanent signing

  • We have not got the right answer to the ‘Benny’ question yet, come on Dave dont let me down.
    I thought it could be something to do with ABBA but that is not the answer when i checked.

  • I would not like to fall out with Blakey!!
    He was huge and if i was in a fight i would like him alongside me with Mick Kennedy and Billy Gilbert

  • Wasn’t it the Geordies who christened him Benny? Because they couldn’t say Bjorn in their accent or something, Phillipe Albert was also know as Albert Phillips on Tyneside

  • tbh i wouldnt have a clue why he was known as benny altho that seems plausable paultsmouth – come on then Owenspompey reveal all – assumig the legend {dave} has not got this one right?

  • I’m intrigued now – First of all I find out his real name isn’t Benny then I hear a couple of theories but not the one Owens has … Did he have a wife called Miss Diane ? (crossroads) Did he have a couple fo Jets ? (Elton John) or Did he have a hit television show in the seventies where he chased half naked women around (Hill) ? Come on Owens spill the beans then ……

  • Noel Blake – What a great guy he was, a gentle giant (but not on the pitch) I used to drink with him and Nicky Morgan (among others) down the 400 club …. Noel is still the only person I’ve met who drank Guiness and blackcurrent !! Morgan on the other hand stood cooly against the bar with a bottle of champagne in an ice bucket sporting the his latest fashionable purchase…. Which were normally another pair of brown leather trousers ……..

  • Interesting memories.. But back to the problem/question. Having spoken to a few old timers and those in the know, they don’t know and I am stumped on this one too. Most like rug thought hos name was Beeny.

  • The truth behind the name is that when Jim Smith was the manager at Newcastle he could not pronounce the name Bjorn so he christened him Benny, so paultsmith was not too far out.

  • Well I never knew that!! Thanks Owens I am the first to admit you had me there!! Proves I am not infallible but keep the challnges coming because the week passes quicker between games when we are reminiscing.

  • Cheers Dave, i have sent another question to the boss and he will be submitting it next week.
    Whatever happened to Nicky Morgan after he went to Stoke.
    Go on Dave you will know i am sure

  • Paul first – Tommy Christensen a Danish International striker joined on loan in December 1985 for one month. There was a problem with a rib injury and he left before the month was out, Manager Alan Ball deciding against a long term contract He played four games including the Spurs victory and scored two goals at Sunderland and home to Hull City. He also had an equalizing goal disallowed at Bradford City’s temporary Odsal stadium because tghe referee Joe Worrall had blown for full time before the ball crossed the line. After he left Nicky Morgan won his place back in the side.

  • I’m sure Morgan played for Bristol City as well, I remember him getting 6 in the first 6 games in about 84-85 and rumours flying around that AC Milan were interested!!

  • That was AC Delco mate, i remeber a rumour that Morgan was destined for bigger things, but i did not realise it was that big,that is huge, imagine Hateley, Blissett and Morgan up front with Maldini, Rijkard, Gullitt and Seedorf behind them and Baresi as captain.

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