Date: 9th July 2010 at 8:47am
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Well I am ‘shocked’ and ‘surprised’ at the latest news, from The Guardian, that Balram Chainrai is ‘set’ or ‘prepared’ to become our owner again – through Portpin…of course I am being sarcastic as this does not surprise me at all.

Admin Andy, who I though had been a bit too quite recently, said: ‘Portpin are the expedient route to move out of the embargo. Portpin finally came back to me and said they would be willing to buy Portsmouth, whether or not there is a challenge from HMRC.’

‘We are working on a contract to sell the club which is quite easily adapted for any purchaser.

‘There is still interest from other potential buyers so I have to keep our options open in order that we might get a better deal.’

So, it appears that with or without a challenge from HMRC on the CVA approval, Chainrai will be taking over again.

This will, inevitably divide opinion, and ‘potentially’ could cause some frictions again as it is well known that the Hong Kong businessman regaining control of the club is not something that has been liked by many – yep, myself included in the past but I have recently starting adding a ‘but’…

Thoughts, and to be fair some proven, on this and that in his past are a concern and the fact that he previously made it perfectly clear that he ‘did not want to own the club’ are a concern as this is what he would now be doing – although we DO need an owner, and the thoughts that I am hearing are that, in spite of talks to the contrary, there are not that many ‘serious’ and ‘sustainable’ offers on the table at this point in time? There could well be in the not too distant future but at the moment, at least in the short-term ‘word on the street’ is that this is the best, and only realistic offer we have to hand.

Obviously we ALL wanted a ‘clean break’ with a new owner, without previous connections to the disastrous events of last season – or connections to previous owners that brought us to our knees but it ‘seems’ this is not going to happen, not just yet anyway, although moving aside quickly should a suitable owner come forward is something that is ‘thought’ Chainrai would do.

I am tired of the whole issue, I just want us to know the outcome of this CVA appeal process once and for all, sell the players that need to be sold, take stock of where we are and then look to have a relatively stress free season where the football can take centre stage!

We of course need this transfer embargo lifted, and to be honest I think, and suspect it will be – as it should be – limited to non-monetary signings, loans and free transfers. So long as Chainrai is paying the monthly wage, and on time, without lining his own pockets so be it, carry on.

The thing that I would remind people about – should it, Chainrai returning, happen – is to remember that David Lampitt is now in place. With him overlooking events we really ‘should’ be ok, right?

Lets just get this appeal process done and dusted, all being well without and appeal, something that Admin Andy thinks is not in the best interests of HMRC to do, then get the club sold before then look to rebuild it, even if it is with an owner that is not giving us a ‘fresh start’ so to speak, maybe, just maybe he will? Then again I could be na├»ve…

I just want the football back. I want to be able to talk about how good, or bad, we are ON-THE-PITCH and not OFF-THE-PITCH again!


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