Date: 5th February 2010 at 9:34am
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So, Balram Chainrai has ‘taken over’, well ‘seized control’ at Pompey – even though Ali Al Faraj and co are going to be ‘contesting’ the legal right to exercise this seizure, so this will drag on and on I suspect…

To be fair to Chainrai he has said, right from the off – even long before this move – that ‘owning a football club’ did not interest him, so quite what his motivation is could be something of a concern?

Anyway, he has again, when talking to The South China Morning Post today, reaffirmed his stance and what he sees his future with the club being: ‘I have zero interest in buying Portsmouth and it’s completely untrue that I am the new owner of the club.

‘As far as I am concerned, I have just confiscated the shares of the previous owners.

‘It’s nothing to do with controlling the club. I don’t know anything about running a football club. I just love the game and that’s why I’ve taken this action. We have exercised our right to take control of the shares, and to remove the previous owners.

‘It’s all about protecting the club’s interests. It’s about finding someone who has the club’s best interests at heart.’

These thoughts might not go down very well with people but we have to ‘hope’ that this is said with some ‘honesty’ and ‘openness’ in mind – transparency is what we want, right?

Clearly Chainrai is looking to ‘protect his investment’ in the club, again quite why he has been so willing to ‘loan’ £20m remains to be seen, but having done so he WILL NOT want to lose it, so it is in his best interests to see us stay afloat – which cannot be a bad thing can it?

‘Stability’ is something that he, like others before that DID NOT give us that, says is something he wants to give us, and that is all we ask for isn’t it. So long as he can sort out the issues with HMRC and ensure that EVERYONE will be paid on time each month that will do me!

The sooner that Chainrai can move away from ‘running the club’ the better as far as he is concerned, and he still feels we will make a ‘very attractive proposition’ to someone: ‘believe me, someone will come in and buy this club.

‘This is Premier League football we are talking about. We are eagerly looking for an investor to come in and take over.

‘I don’t have a time frame to find a prospective buyer. I would like to have one here today if I could, but we’ll just have to wait.’

I think the KEY words are ‘premier league football.’ We become a far less attractive proposition should we not be a premier league club, then again if he can find that someone with ‘the best interests of the club at heart’ then it is possible, although we have to be honest we are not looking like an attractive proposition at the moment are we?

That said WE, the fans, CAN make a hell of a difference so it is now almost down to us to ensure that we show the watching world we ARE worth it! We need the support given by the 3,000 at Fulham to be shown at Fratton every time, recreating that Milan support will send out a big message!

Like I say, so long as he can keep us afloat, sort out what needs sorting out by paying creditors what they are owed when they are owed it and make sure – if he is here long enough – that the basic requirement of paying monthly wages happens then this is all we could ask for at this time, right?

Lets just hope this is what we get, and are not stitched up YET again…


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