Date: 10th November 2010 at 2:47pm
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Pompey chairman, and owner – well at least one of them – Balram Chainrai has ‘lavished’ praise upon Steve Cotterill when talking to sky sports yesterday about a range of things.

Below is a back down of what he said, with some of my own thoughts included too…

Chainrai on Steve Cotterill
He said that he is ‘in love’ with Cotterill and has hailed him his ‘hero’ for helping us go from a struggling bottom of the table side destined for one thing, relegation, into a side that has a chance of challenging for promotion.

‘I am in love with the guy.

‘He is my hero right now. Steve is the greatest manager I have ever seen.

‘He has taken the club from near the bottom to where it is now and where it could be in a few months time.’

High praise indeed, now do not let this go to your head Steve!

To be honest I do not really have much to say on Cotterill, as I have already said, recently, all that I felt there was to say about Cotterill and the job he is doing in another article, I think it was one giving credit where I felt it was due ahead of the QPR game? Although breaking out the ‘greatest manager’ and ‘tactician’ thoughts just yet are not something I am doing, not that I am slagging the guy off, far from it, I just feel that justifications of a few things still need to be seen.

Chainrai on the clubs future ambition
The riches of the premier league can, or at least are ‘meant’ to help side, so returning to the top flight is something that he says is ‘very important’.

‘It’s very important. It’s very important for the fans, it’s very important for me, it’s very important for the players. I think everybody is going to try their best.’

I can only speak for myself, as I would not like to anyone else – although I do know a large number that feel the same, but promotion would not be a ‘priority’ for me but I can of course see the benefits of achieving this.

The financial riches ‘should’, in theory, help us stabilise ourselves as a club sooner, and if we went about things in the right way the strength we could gain would be something else.

If we could ‘yo-yo’ the league a few times that would do me!

Not only would it be ‘entertaining’ each season, and we would be playing for something all the time so we could not really get ‘bored’, it would also give us the chance to take advantage of the money on offer and if we use it the right way we could become much stronger – the likes of Bolton, West Brom and I guess even Birmingham are role models to look at as to what can happen if you do things right…

Chainrai on his future role
To be fair to the guy he has NOT made any promises about this, that and the other and all in all has done little more than admit that he would ‘like his money back’ and is also not making any promises about his future.

He said that he plans to be around for a while but if an offer comes in, one that he says will benefit the club, he will accept.

‘Long-term speaking, I am here.

‘If we find someone who can pump in all the millions that are needed, I am ready to let him take over. But until then, we are going to stay here and stabilise the club.’

What more can you add really?

So long as Chainrai is honest and open with his intentions, and makes sure the club operates in a sensible manor I would not really ask for anything else, could any of us?

Chainrai on January investment
The topic of ‘money’ and ‘how much, if any’ Cotterill would be given in January was bound to be raised, again he has remained fairly tight lipped on this.

‘It’s too early. We have only just taken over the club.’

Stability IS the priority, we cannot go out and spend countless millions again on players and offer obscene wages, and I would ‘think’ we would not – this would again only be borrowed money as always so lets be sensible about this.

That said increasing the numbers will really help, we have a decent squad but an injury here and a suspension there just highlights the limitations we do have to be fair.

I would prefer us to limit the number of loanees, although we cannot spend much money – there must be some free agents around that we could look at though and ‘might’ be able to arrange an emergency loan or two before the end of the month that comes with the option of a ‘minimal’ purchase in the New Year?

Well then guys, what do we make of Balram Chainrai’s thoughts on this range of issues?

As always your views and opinions are welcomed, and wanted, below – so share them…


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