Date: 7th February 2010 at 2:43pm
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The result was more than predictable, especially after seeing the line-up Pompey put out, 1 up front hasn’t worked all season, why we thought it would yesterday is beyond me.
Our midfield contained both Hughes and Mullins once more, both are honest grafters but we will nothing with the pair in the same side.

I think I mentioned in my preview we would get turned over if we set up for a draw, hardly needed Nostradamus though did it?

Piquionne was asked to the lone running up front again, webber was out wide and Dindane omitted, Boateng also found himself on the bench after a few lacklustre outings of late. Rocha John Rocha stepped straight in with Ben haim moving to left back allowing Belhadj to push further up field.

For a game where we never had a look in, we actually could of been two up without James of being threatened, first Vanden Borre got forward to force Van der Sar into a save, and then Belhadj beat the Utd ‘Keeper only for Jonny Evans to clear off the line. But that was as good as it got, Pompey had made out their stall to defend, and defend they did, it took until 40 minutes for Rooney to score, he was allowed to ghost in and stoop to head home, criminal defending really, James must question his decision not to come for a cross inside his six yard box as well.
Once the deadlock was broken though, Pompey fell apart as a unit, Nani burst down the left and sent in a cross which took a wicked deflection of Vanden Borre and beat James at his near post, 40 minutes of repelling Utd had all counted for nothing.

The second half and it was wave after wave of red attacks, Hughes managed to join the og club, deflecting a shot from Carrick over James, Pompey were not defending well, but luck was hardly with us either.
Next up came Berbatov, to highlight Pompey’s inefficiency in defence, he was allowed to cut back out from the left and then shoot from the edge of the box past a stricken James, he was wasteful first half, ruthless with this finish.
Not happy with a four goal defecit, Marc Wilson got the goal of the game, he smacked a lovely volley home, shame Van der Sar wasn’t facing him.

5-0 and could of been more, as Rug has pointed out in another article, it is time to sod defence and go all out for goals, if we are to drop, let’s go down fighting and kicking all the way.


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  • Late with my report, its my son’s ninth birthday today and I’ve been busy, so Happy Birthday Eli!!!

  • Hope Pompey give Eli a late birthday present with three points from Sunlan. And an even bigger whopping early Christmas present dumping Scum out the cup

  • Happy Birthday Eli. From Malta… Well said Paultsmith, things could have been different if we really cared at the back and if Belhadj was a bit lucky to score. Just imagine if we had to walk into halftiime leading 1-0. Ah, that would have been nice to watch!

  • Had to listen on the Quay, and it wasn’t pretty listening. They felt there were serious problems with Boateng’s attitude – don’t know what you guys thought who were there? Also what did you make of Rocha? The Quay thought he didn’t really try hard enough.

  • watching the game it seemed both your players and manager were suffering too much from off the field problems…I personally think they have done so well considering everything that has gone down off field, however I think its starting to tell on your players, and unless there is a positive change off the field occurring soon then I see things just getting worse and on worse on the pitch due…to a certain extent

  • I can’t see that Avram could’ve done anything else but go with one up front at united. Had we gone all out to attack them with the current squad we could’ve been on the end of a record defeat.

  • SteveC The problem seems to be Grant can’t play anything other than 1 up fro nt until we are at least 1 down. Furthermore Rug and I watched them against Fulham and they had given up, the manager had appeared to have given up and i’m not convinced Grant has the full confidence of the players anymore. It was a real sad state to watch, I think the general feeling was as someone articulated ” if they have given up then so am I”. We need 3 points from the Sunderland game to avoid a total collapse

  • Anyone know anything about HRH Prince Mohammed bin Nawaf? Apparently, despite the bad relations with Arabs, apparently are looking for his help! I looked him up on Wiki but not much about him.
    I would go on the forums to discuss this as I tend to post random stuff on most recent article but don’t get much time & have never really had a chance to get a feel for using the forum!

  • Slightly embarassed to ask this, co I think I should know, but what’s up with Utaka? Is he due to be in contention against Sunderland or the Scummers?

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