Date: 2nd January 2013 at 7:07pm
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Jeez, Saturday was bad, but this was humiliation!

For about 90 minutes Pompey have played with some spirit, trouble is that 90 mins is in the middle of a nightmare 90 spead over 2 games.

James Collins did the damage, arriving as Swindons third sub, he scored 4 and made the other, after he poked home his first Pompey well and truly capitulated, one bonus if any, is the fact when our supposed ‘best’ players desert in the next week, we will at least have some young kids desperatel to pull on the shirt, and lets face it, with 13 winless games can they do any worse?

Jed Wallace made the first of hopefully an extended run in the side, if he is the future, lets get him in now!

Pompey fans were again the only shining light about our comatose club once more, singing until the end displaying the gallows humour that is now synonymous with supporting an under achieving, rudderless side.


8 Replies to “Can it get any worse? Yes!”

  • Too harse Paul .. Look upon this as a freak scoreline.. Realistically we were not going to get anything out of Swindon so deep down we all expected defeat but the first hour was promising and although (as you say) we have had two good halves in two games we have failed to win the signs are there.. Williamson has now committed and in those two good halves has shown what he can do (with Howard out of his way !!) … Harley, Rocha will stay … as will Walker, Wallace and Harris… Benson is here for the long haul and we must assume Connolly is too .. If we can add one or two of Dumbuya, Gyepes and Lubo to that lot we’ll be ok .. I HOPE

  • Normally I agree with you Chixy , but I’m going with Paul on this one. It was bad- what was worse I think – was that me and a load of others have become to annealed to the situation and didn’t actually seem to be that bothered or surprised. At the Newcomen after not one fan even seemed to be talking Pompey.

  • 5-0 is humiliating Chix, however you dress it up, I’m ready for league 2 now, if the whole trust takeover thing drags on any further past this month, then it will be the conference, Pompey are rudderless and spiraling further into the maelstrom

  • I’m with Chix, one man undone us, we were better team for 60 mins, Collins scored 4 and made 1, he made the scoreline flattering. We don’t need to be relegated, we just need a few better players, a bit of good luck, and maybe a manager. I like Guy, a true blue, but a better coach than manager, and one I would prefer didn’t take on a job that could result in being sacked?

  • It ca always get worse & it may do but it was one freak game, our worst defeat this season, our worst final 30 minutes. Move on Walsall away on Friday night!!!

  • i did not see the game so cannot comment too much, altho if the players offered ‘as much’ as they often have this season 5-0 is hardly surprising…
    i expected defeat, did not expect 5-0 but how much difference it will really make i am not sure?
    it appears that STILL we are paying far too much to players, so long as a new contract is offered a decent amount will stay – so all we can hope for is that a good few ARE NOT given contracts!
    the reality is, and it is a reality, that we will go down again – it was a hope we would stay up, but you cannot flip a switch can you and with us (assuming the 10pts comes off this season?) us looking like being 12pts from safety as it stands we cannot overturn that realistically can we?

  • At least the first half was good! After everything we’ve our club has been through the last few years, practically destroyed – what’s a few goals down? And we will rise again – it will take time – but when we do, we’ll get Swindon back big-time.

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