Date: 1st October 2007 at 9:08am
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What an incredible match to see for your first match of the season, 7-4 you do not get many of these to the pound do you!

To be honest the build up to the game was not that great, people kept dropping out which meant the original plan of going by the train had to be dropped and plymouth graham decided that he would drive.

Friday night came and the two of us, along with Geoff – his mate, my brother and will be sister-in-law – with their nipper being looked after by her parents – were all definitely going that much we knew, with maybe at least one other joining us.

All was well until Saturday morning came round and the brothers other half had been struck down with illness over night, so at that point we were down to just the 4 of us that I knew of? but we plodded on. As it turned out no one did decide to join us, they were out for whatever reason too, but the 4 of us were going, there was no turning back, this was meant to be were the thoughts – and how it was!

The journey up was fine until a few miles out from Fratton when we got stuck in terrible traffic which took us over an hour to negotiate, but we still arrived at Fortress Fratton approaching 2 o’clock – plymouth graham and Geoff went off to try and get refunds on 4 of the 8 tickets that we had – which they were able to and these tickets were resold, my brother and I went to meet our cousin and Saunders – a long standing family friend, with the essential Monster Mick devoured.

After a brief catch up chat, some banter and discussing what we thought the result would be – my 4-0 prediction was thought to be ‘a little optimistic’, my brother was going for a 3-1 win – we decided to make our way in at around 2.30 and getting in was a lot smoother than I had expected, what with the new gate system in place. As we headed for our block in the Milton End – new territory for me as I have only ever sat in the North Stand Lower or the Fratton End – we bumped into the other fellas and took our seats, no’s. 100, 101, 102 and 103 in row U – what a great view it was.

The match, what can you say fantastic does not do it justice it was simply incredible, if you need to relive it once again in words maybe the Match Report might help you, so click here.

The journey home was one of stunned silence every now and again but mostly unbelievable excitement and discussions on ‘what a game’.

Good time was made on this back, with my brother picked up at Exeter Services on the way home, as we stopped off for a drink, by his other half who was still very ill but extremely disappointed at having to miss what would have been here first match at Fortress Fratton, oh I forget to mention as it happens it was my brothers first ever home game too, what a baptism of fire eh.

I got dropped off at around 9.45 or thereabouts and got home to be greeted by a bunch of drunken people, as it was my youngest brothers birthday, so there he sat in his new Arsenal shirt beers in hand. Questions were asked by all about the game left right and centre, I was just stunned by that point the whole thing had caught up with me but I was buzzing at the same time.

The dog had to be walked to get some fresh air then Match of the Day was sat down to view, the match report written and added then some sleep attempted, but it was tough as it had been some day.

What a game and what a day, can I watch you every week!

If I could afford it I would, as it is for this season anyway – although by hook or crook the Season Ticket is returning in 2008/09 – I will just have to wait until Everton for our next adventure, if you can get their fellas make sure you do as that could also be a remarkable game if the ‘landlord’ and co are in town again, you have been warned.


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