Date: 24th September 2009 at 12:22pm
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Aruna Dindane made his Pompey debut on Tuesday and there were some encouraging signs albeit, and with the greatest of respect to Carlisle, only against a league one side – that said they, for large parts, looked the better side to be honest!

He showed a good and intelligent movement, good pace and looks as though he has an eye for goal – although his goal was simple at least he was showing the instinct to be in the right place at the right time, something we have not seemed to see from our forwards this season, that ‘strikers instinct’.

With all this in mind it is little wonder that Paul Hart thinks he is going to be ‘very important’ to us…

Whilst I can see why Hart is keen to ‘be careful putting him into the Premier League’ I think it would be foolish not to at least name him in the squad for the game against Everton. If the main concerns are about his ‘match fitness’ then the only way you get this is by playing – unless we have greater concerns about his previous injury problems than we let on?

The premier league is physical, but for me you get no sterner test than a game against a lower league side – they pull no punches as they want to ‘prove a point’ so will always give you a tough game, and in general the pitches are a lot heavier, Dindane seemed to come through 70 minutes or so he did fairly well, although clearly tired towards the end as would be expected.

Danny Webber must surely be lacking match fitness, and has had injury problems, but he has had no problems playing him, so the reasons given must be clearer and the same for all – to be fair to Webber I think the guy has done ok, and think he will continue to do a job for us, he looked lively against Villa as I felt he did against Carlisle and scored a very well taken goal, so Hart certainly has plenty to ponder with the forward he had to select from!

It is a tough one, if Hart went for it and gave Dindane a start against Everton and he broke down he will cop the flack – if he does not start him he will also get it, so in many ways he is left again in a ‘no win situation’. To be honest and fair I think he would be justified in a way in not starting him but I can see no benefits at all of leaving him out of the squad altogether – that decision may well seal Hart’s fate…

They say fortune favours the brave, I think it would be a foolish – forget brave – person not to at least have Dindane on the bench at the weekend, but a ‘calculated risk’ in maybe starting him with the view to taking him off could pay off.

Like I say it is a tough call, but with something needed this weekend starting him could be a risk worth taking because as much as is humanly possible this weekend really does need the ‘strongest side’ put out as we need to get something, but we should not be looking to settle for a 0-0 draw at home! I would take a draw but if we go in looking for this the chances are we will get beaten, if we defend better and go in with a positive frame of mind looking to win we have a very good chance, even against a free scoring Everton side – Hart it is over to you mate…


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