Date: 6th August 2007 at 10:32am
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Last year Benjani had a lot of assists for Kanu and Taylor. He runs down the channels for his striking partner hence creating space for the upcoming midfielders by dragging the defence.

So why would he be left out of our line-up for Derby on Saturday???

Lua and Nugent are good strikers but they both play similar football and we need variation upfront.

So, our pair should be Benjani and Nugent with Lua coming in as a sub for whoever is ineffective and vice-versa.

What do you think?

Written by ndux


15 Replies to “Can Benji be left out?”

  • up til last week I would have said benj was a dead cert but with LTLL’s current form . . . .

  • I wonder effect what being dropped for the opening match would have on LuaLua? With his fragile ego, he may never recover.

  • At least with Benjy he accepts his fate if he is on the bench and puts his heart and soul into his game when he comes on.
    I think Lua Lua will start with Nugent, and Kanu and Benjy amongst the subs.

  • I agree Owenspompey its important that Nugent starts against the just promoted teams, good for his confidence and easiest chance to get off the mark. and if we have a lead well into the second half ( an away lead i’m a dreamer) we will see the front two changed and maybe 1 at the back.

  • I think “other” in the vote, Derby, Wigan and Fulham, i think sunderland and Brum will have the nouse to get out, and sanchez has never had this pressure week in week out.

  • im much the same fellas, benji was a nailed on certainty for me up until a week ago, but lua will be shot to bits if he is ‘dropped’ this weekend… benji has been in very good form this pre season, but putting faith in lua for derby could be exactly what he needs – drop him and we may as well pack his bahs for him now as i dont think he would take it that well as he has done everything that has been asked of him recently – and more! so i stay with my nugent and lua partnership prediction for this saturday.

  • are you saying you think derby, wigan and fulham are in for the drop russ? if so that is an option isnt it… or did you mean you can see it being a different trio than those mentioned?

  • No, i couldnt drop benji, I just think he is the player that makes the team tick…..every team needs one. Can you pick a team so as not to hurt one players feelings?? If so, i would pick Benji with LL. IMHO, you have to pick the best team available. If that is LL (and i have nothing against that) then so be it, but i would pick Benji and Nugent.

  • it hs to be benji and lualua – i dont think nugent will start many matches, not untill he has scored at least – and kanu could come on as a super sub – if ‘arry thinks he is match fit,

  • Right lads where do we see Kanu fitting in with all this as everybody is reporting that he has signed for another year?
    Will he start or will he be on the bench?

  • bench and that is where he belongs tbh… but he will do a job from their, assuming he sorts out his contract sometime this season!

  • Some games willl suit Benji more than others. He be more suited to 2 up front, playing at home rather than the lone striker, away day option. Still a useful player to have.

  • pompeycarpet it is the newly promoted teams who have been fodder for Nugent last year who are precisly what he needs for kick off confidence. the fixture list has not been kind to us but the one positive i see is Nugent will not find it daunting against derby. the other big four who we play in the next 5 or 6 matches well we will have to see, but Nugent needs to start against Derby. loL I am confident harry will agree with me….. thats the kybosh on that then

  • I think it will be LL and Nugent to start, i think hR will try to blow them away in the first half. Kanu to bench and come on for games when we are behind or it is a bit stale and needs stirring up a bit. also against spurs, kanu always seems to score at spurs

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