Date: 28th September 2006 at 8:57pm
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Sol Campbell has spoken to the local Portsmouth paper regarding his new life on the south coast.

Campbell said: ‘I like the south. It’s nice. I can kind of concentrate on my work now, really. It’s a nice balance.

‘I like the hectic-game situation. I like the pressure the game brings, win, lose or draw. I like that environment.

‘But then I like the opposite, where I can relax and change the pace of life.

‘For me, personally, not being from this area, I feel I can relax a little bit more here. It’s a change for me.
‘I’m staying in a hotel on the Hampshire border at the moment and looking for a place to live nearer the coast.

‘I’ve been travelling around and seen the sights. Hampshire’s a fantastic place. It’s great. And you’ve got West Sussex on one side, and Dorset on the other.

‘It’s a great part of the world. You’ve got the coast and the countryside – lovely villages and towns.

‘But I haven’t bought anywhere in Sandbanks. I heard that on the BBC. They should get their facts straight.
‘It’s unbelievable how people can get sucked in and believe things. I’ve only ever been there twice.’

Campbell went on to talk about his new team mates and how far Pompey can go this year;

‘The banter here is good. That’s healthy. I like a bit of banter. You need that in a football club. If you haven’t got that, you start to struggle. Things can turn the other way.

‘Everyone is working hard and helping each other out. The attitude is right. There’s the will to succeed.’

‘Europe is definitely a possibility. We’ve got to aim for that somehow. You’ve got to have a goal.

‘Getting to Europe would be fantastic for the club. That would be special. And there are a lot of players here who want to play in Europe again.

‘We’ve made a great start. It’s hard to get points against anybody in the Premier League, but we’ve got something to build on with 13 points from six games.

‘We’ve conceded a goal now. But sometimes it’s good to get those situations out of the way and crack on with the job in hand and keep on doing the things we’ve been doing.

‘That means being professional and strong and not getting carried away with the start we’ve had, but to keep doing the right things that got us there.

‘I like the shape of our defence. David James is great, and we’ve got Dean Kiely as well, so that’s two fantastic keepers who have been there, seen it and done it.

‘And along the back-line you have great players like Linvoy, Dejan and Glen Johnson. It’s solid.’

Sol has promised Pompey fans that Pompey will be his only concern Sunday;

He said: ‘Spurs are a big club who play great football. At the moment, it’s a little bit sticky for them.

‘But for me, Spurs is water under the bridge. I think now I’m emotionally-detached from the situation.

‘I’ll have a job at hand to do on Sunday. I’m not going to get emotionally involved. The main thing is to play good, solid football. That’s my first aim.’

Sol has revealed he could see himself spending a long time at Portsmouth;

‘I’m here for a couple of years and it could be more than that,’ he said. ‘So we’ll see.

‘Who knows, I might become a manager here, or a coach? I don’t know. Who knows?’

Pompey fans have been impressed with Sol so far especially the partnership he has built with Linvoy Primus at the back.

Portsmouth`s defence has been impressive this season having only conceded one goal.