Date: 14th January 2008 at 12:14pm
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Pompey are having their best season for half a century. But the atmosphere at recent home games has been the flattest of all our time in the Premiership.

The Fratton Faithful have always been famed as the best fans in the land. Milan said so again the other day. But we’ve talked at length on these boards recently about the dwindling atmosphere.

We’ve all got our ideas why. With success has come a lot of new supporters, or one-off visitors, who don’t know what Fratton can be like. And perhaps we’re at our best when our backs are against the wall. I know the recent goal drought hasn’t helped maters, but the crowd were pretty flat in the first half against Reading, even though we winning.

If we’re going to kick on and build from the events of recent days and push up the league to bring European football to Fratton then the supporters – Pompey’s famed 12th Man – are going to have to play their part. It only takes a few more people to get singing and clapping to get others joining in. It’s infectious once it gets going.

So here’s my idea. We develop a five point ‘Pompey Pledge’.

The five things we promise to do when we attend games to bring the atmosphere back.

I’m not sure what they are yet, but I’m sure you’ll all have ideas. Members who go to away games regularly, where we always out-sing the home support, must know what it is we do to make so much noise (apart from score goals, of course!) For a start we should pledge to always ring out the Pompey Chimes when we get a corner, free kick, etc.

Once we’ve got our five pledges (five because that will be easy to remember and tell other people about) we promote it through this site. We also tell other Pompey fan sites, get the Portsmouth News to print it, tell the sports pages of other papers. We build up a bit of a buzz about it.

The aim of this would be to:

1) Remind every supporter who goes to Fratton that they have a part to play in re-creating the Fortress.
2) It gets the fans talking and thinking about what we can do to get the atmosphere back.
3) Raise the expectations of the one-off visitors of what they should expect at Fratton.
4) It will also be a great way of further promoting the profile of this great website.

So, let’s get started. Tell us what your five Pompey Pledges would be.

Post them below, or e-mail them to Rug or me. I’ll collect them up and report back in a few days time.

Your club needs you. Let’s make Fratton a Fortress again, in time for European football next season.

Play Up Pompey!

Written by NorthStandDan.

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41 Replies to “Bring Back Fortress Fratton”

  • this is a quality read mate – and i really do like the idea, so i will hold this art the top of this site for a few day – say until wednesday night, thursday morning – then send you all its findings, as well as any emails i might get… it would be interesting to see what people say and how far we really could take this, crackin’ idea – so have your say fellas…

  • yeah its great! & what a great time to try & get the feeling of the fortress back straight after Harry has comited himself to the club!! plenty to cheer about!!

  • We need to sing the names of more of the players. Even if its a really boring, predictable chant, ‘there’s only one . . .’ They appreciate it. And we need to crowd to not rely as much on John Westwood to get it all going. He has a part to play, of course he does, but often you can tell when he’s turned up because the volume goes up for a short while.

  • Sounds like a great idea to get the atmosphere back!! Not quite sure how far to take it though. Obviously don’t want the ridiculous efforts some clubs go to such as playing silly music when goals are scored etc. but some sort of pattern or structure to the chants may help promote a bigger, better noise like we’re all used to at Fratton. Perhaps….
    Corners – Chant Blue Army, Blue Army
    Player has a decent chance on goal – Chant his name
    More importantly player screws up or makes a mistake lets do what we do best and give hime some support or the team so chant of Play up Pompey??
    Brief idea but you can see what I’m getting at, if everyone at the ground knows what they are expected to sing and at what point/occasions then surely we should see more people getting involved?! P-U-P

  • recent survey by 118 – apearond on the vital chelsea site, ranked us as THIRTENTH! – although chelsea were 6th, and liverpool and man u were 4th and 3rd last…so it could have been a load of rubish…but still…

  • we need more chants for players. even prolific players like sulley muntari, distin, glen johnson etc dont have chants. and the niko niko niko one has only just started, and uuu uuu uuutaka didnt really catch on, iv only heard it sung at two games. when a player doesnt do well, we dont need to get on their back, we need to encourage them. its always been something that i like about us is that we never seemed to get on our players shoulders, but now we seem to be like other teams where we wont sing until we’re winning, because we’re turning up every week to sign. real fans support their team through thick and thin, so lets get behind the boys

  • Good read Dan, I have said about the lack of atmosphere this year (and some completely disagree!) But, i still think the crowd always start, but need the players to give us something back then the atmosphere doesnt stop! like the idea tho.

  • We’e never done the players name singing stuff – I’m sure we could make up some great chants.

  • My favourite has always been Aldershots ‘anti-Reading’ chant – to the tune of ‘She’ll be coming round the mountain’: If you want to go to heaven when you die, if you want to go to heaven when you die, you must wear a blue and white bonnet with **** off Reading on it, if you want to go to heaven when you die. Always makes me laugh, that one – maybe we could adapt it?

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