Date: 31st January 2008 at 9:34am
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Portsmouth’s form has taken a dip over the recent months and it has subsequently seen the side drop from 5th to just hanging onto 9th with a game over West Ham.

The Times have just reported that Portsmouth football club are for sale at a cut-price (and miscalculated) £60m and whilst that may spell doom and gloom for some fans but the reality could be somewhat brighter.

Even though I would prefer the personal touch of a chairman, a takeover by a foreign company could yield the investment that Harry has always dreamed of. It has been well documented that our spending has been as a result of the TV balloon payments and any extra spending supplemented by the sale of players ‘surplus to requirements’.

If Harry has been able to bring in quality like Distin, Muntari and Diarra on a ‘shoestring’ budget just think what he’d do with many millions? Could we finally end those Defoe rumours?

The club are in a better position today than when Mandaric sold up to Gaydamak. We’re stronger as an outfield unit and the little touches here and there have been enough to keep Fratton Park just about ticking for another few years whilst we plan for the new stadium. And even though we have been talking about it for what seems like decades, we’re more likely to finally get a stadium than ever before. The new owners could be the ones to fund the move to a stadium fit for the personnel we are beginning to attract and for the fans who deserve so much more.

However that is all in the long term. In the short term, and more importantly this season, I can really see the team going on another great run. Fans may have been unexcited by Baros’ performance against Utd but he hasn’t played many games at Lyon this season so he can only get sharper. Diarra too.

The African boys are due home shortly with either one or two coming back next week after the Nigeria vs. Ghana clash. With that we should finally have strength in abundance and enough to revive our European dream. To me Diarra, Diop and Muntari sound like a mean trio in the centre of midfield and enough to put the fear of god in any team and enough to revive the faltering form of Portsmouth Football Club.

Written by stillthewhizz.

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7 Replies to “Bright times are ahead for Pompey!”

  • good read whizz – and one that i enjoyed… yep, there has been a bit of doom and gloom around recently but in all fairness we havent played well for a number of weeks have we, but the future is still bright and when sacha sells – i do not now feel it will be ‘if’ – he will sell to someone with bigger muscles – word i have is someone is already lined up and they have plenty of cash… my only worry is that we might almost ‘give up’ on this season, but we shouldnt as like you say we are only weeks, days in some cases from the africans returning – and altho we felt we would cope, we have missed most tbh.

  • On another site I wrote an article which was subsequently “canned “by the newspaper running the site as it didn’t fit into their ideas. The article said that the cost of running an EPL club was now beyond the means of most sole owners and that Pompey would be better off being taken over by a consortium and then run as a business not a “plaything”. I also said it was time for the EPL and the FA to undertake a massive restructuring and rationalisation of football in England. That is a whole other story.
    Before the start of the season I emailed a lengthy article to Rug which said Sasha had the club for sale. I also posted that comment last week on Portsmouth Vital. In the article I gave the reasons, the method being used, the timeframe,the stadium ploy and a list of possible buyers. Nothing much has changed except that it now looks like I was right. A few transfers today in and out and my Sasha will sell, 3 in 3 out, and 442 starting line up against Man U will all be correct.

  • Good read – of course Baros will take time to settle. He was running one way and the ball was going the other something that will be put right on the training ground. Club for sale has now been denied – but who knows. Rich men become rich by making profits on sales of businesses etc.

  • We didn’t panic when Milan sold out, no reason to do so here. If Sasha wants out then someone will come in. If Derby can attract big money we all have a chance.

  • Cheers for printing that rug. Shame it’s been overshadowed by today’s news. Lets just pray that Defoe will sign and we don’t make another deadline day gaff like we did with O’Neil. We could be lift with one fit striker – Baros who incidentally is unfit.

  • looks like we could be ending the deofe rumours, but please please please, dont let benji go, or that could be our bright times out the window!

  • Agreed Carpet. But on the bright side if PFC is sold the club will benefit.I am not knocking Milan or Sasha as both have contributed in getting PFC backon track and both will have made a profit out of it as well. Good luck to them. We are now at a stage that requires a massive injection of money and some power play to get the stadium built and take Pompey to the top.Sasha realises he hasn’t got the money required or the muscle to go up against the councils, so he is getting out. That is sensible business. Not likely to win him friends but still sensible. Whoever takes over will have money to burn and the legal muscle to get councils to compromise and get things done. I have mentioned before that where I live in Australia we were also going to build a 36.000 seat rugby stadium. The venture was proposed at about the same time Sasha took over Pompey. The difference is that everyone including the councils worked together not against each other. That stadium opens in 2 weeks time; built and complete and ready to go. It can be done and it is a roofed all weather, all seated, stadium not a few park benches.

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