Date: 5th December 2009 at 6:05pm
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Pompey Malta on us finally breaking the ‘duck’ of only being able to beat teams who played in golden-kitted colours.

As the Clarets have fallen into defeat against a Pompey side that for once this season did not play exceptionally well, Portsmouth secured the first points against a team who wasn’t playing in golden colours.

Portsmouth’s points have all come against golden-kit teams and winning against a white-shirted Burnley must be more than the much needed 3 points.

Portsmouth’s first win of the season came against Wolves at Molineux, a day we all remember. Then came up Hull, with their traditional colours, and Pompey got another point after a sloppy performance. Wigan, playing in an unusual colour succumbed to defeat against a five-star Pompey side. But for once this season, things were different against the Clarets; winning through goals from Hreidarsson and Dindane.

Hermann Hreidarsson’s after match comments were very encouraging. He said that Pompey might be on to something special. This win might prove that the unthinkable, the unlikely or call it whatever, might have started to happen.

Let us hope that Pompey will move on and gain more points in the fixtures to come against non-golden teams, and perhaps write history once more by doing another great escape, or as we may call it this time; a golden escape.

Written by Pompey Malta.

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11 Replies to “Breaking the Golden duck”

  • Good one Malta…Personally I couldn’t care less if the opposition are starkers or in twin set and pearls…..lets just get those points on the board….pronto. The Great Re-Escape Mk2 is on….PUP

  • Cheers corny. I’ve had this article in my mind for a long time, but just couldn’t write it. The most important, of course was the win. Let us enjoy the night for once, even if Wolves won again!

  • Nioce one Malta good to see members write articles – morew should because you are all capable an very very welcome. Just email them in.

  • that was the worst ive seen pompey play this season until we went to 4,4,2.

    why play 4,5,1 at home …

    but we got the points and thats what counts .

    begovic man of the match.

  • Well we’ve had enough of playing well and losing, and that had to change, and it has done. I do worry though that, given this performance, we’ve got enough to get out of trouble. After all Burnley were pretty rubbish. But we won, and I’m happy with that!

  • Something strange happened! I sat in my seat before the match started and said that Hermann would score today!!!

  • Three points is great but let’s not get carried away we were awful … Boatang and O’Hara had there worse games.. Ben-Haim is soo bad (come back soon Younes) Michael Brown has lost his bite and confidence.. Hermann looked suspect all game .. Finnan should be shot .. Yebda was on a different planet.. Smith was idustrious but could pass for toffee.. Positives for Asmir and Wilson only I reckon .. but it comes to something when we look most like scoring when Hermann and Kanu are in the box… I reckon they are our best strike partmnership !! .. even if they do have a combined age of 98 (lol)… Still .. three points is three points..

  • it was strange yesterday, i have come away from fratton – and various grounds around the country this season – countless times after seeing us beaten, actually being ‘fairly happy’ as i thought we played well as a side and we VERY united. this was still giving me some hope we would stay up…
    altho, i came away from fratton yesterday less happy and we won!
    i thought we were poor, and but for 2 fantastic saves from begovic, and marc wilson – who looked the only decent player in the back 4 – we would have lost again i reckon (and of course the herminator and dindane ultimately for scoring i guess). i think i was most dissapointed as for large spells of the game that ‘unity’ that we had was something that i felt was gone – for all hart’s faults he installed that, but can grant do the same? altho we saw just how poor we are…
    the ray of hope i cling to is that ‘maybe’ as we actually won for a change after playing so poorly perhaps we ‘might’ start winning if we play at our best again, so i guess it makes a change to play well and lose, we played rubbish and won…in all honesty, and for me i think it is everything else that has gone on off the field wearing me down, i cannot see us staying up – and this IS NOT like me as i have never thought this about about any pompey side for a long, long, long time in whatever division.

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