Date: 20th December 2008 at 4:58pm
Written by: Gleams

Well, erm, I’m annoyed as you would expect from seeing a side which couldn’t give a toss. I would actually rate that as a worst performance then the one at city, and if Bolton were more clinical so would the scoreline!!

From kick-off for crying out load, punted it up, right to Matty who, fair play to him, produced a great bit of skill but then again, it was Hermann who he was up against (useless), and provided a mediocre finish, Jamo could of done better! Then, straight for the re-kick-off, sloppy play and rubbish marking led to Gardner, to thrash home the second, which Jamo again could of done better with!!

Only two players put in the shift today, Davis and crouch. Neither played great, but at least they put in the effort….unlike Pamarot. Not joking, worst performance from a player I’ve ever witnessed. He gave the ball away a ridiculous amount of times. No pace at the back either, Sol and even Distin at times showing poor pace levels, whilst the midfield didn’t have the killer pas..or any pass. Defoe wasn’t at his best, but the worst thing throughout the game was the long punts up to crouch and Diop. EVERY single time! It didn’t take a genius to stick to Bolton players on Crouch so he couldn’t move, and it didn’t take a genius for people to track Defoe’s run either.

The one goal we did score, which I must say was a quality cross from the outside of the foot by Niko, and a firm header by Crouch. That was it really; Bolton could have easily made it 3, 4 or 5. With James and the defence, showing that they can be amazing at certain times. How Jamo managed to save a one on one with Gardener, then the defence clambering the ball out was utter miraculous!!

The main thing that worry’s me was the lack of heart and effort, no one wanted to be there, no one really cared if we won, even the support wasn’t great. I could hear my own voice, and I don’t shout that loud!!

Few positives was that Nugent I think, or hope can do a similar job as Defoe, who was just out muscled from the game today, Cahill was pretty good. I’m worried, also about Adams tactical awareness. He only changed things around the 60th minute mark, and that was to bring Lassie on, who lets be honest should have started!


Unrelated but worth noting: When game finished Diarra came over and clapped us for around 5 minutes, very tearful, what a legend! And what a professional.

But an interesting thing was that Defoe came over to us, and started pointing at the fans shouting something, now I don’t know what it was, but I’m hoping it was something like “I’m staying put”. Haven’t the foggiest though.