Date: 22nd November 2007 at 8:58am
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It was not quite a make or break day but Saturday 21st January 2006 and the game with Birmingham was seen as a key moment in our both teams’ survival hopes.

Once again this was a game that I had to go through listing to it on radio 5. I started it almost convinced we would take something, anything from it, quite possibly all 3 points – how wrong I was!

We started well and it looked good until 5 minutes in? Jiri Jarosik put Birmingham ahead – cue the 1st punch of frustration and anger of the wardrobe but we could still get back into it I soon told myself.

Jamie Ashdown brilliantly denied Chris Sutton but the 2nd still came after 37 minutes, Jermaine Pennant scoring this time, cue the 2nd punch of the wardrobe – but, optimistic as I am I still felt we would come back…

Desperate times call for desperate measures, so the ‘danger man’ Emmanuel Olisadebe came on – but it was soon 3-0 when Matthew Upson headed home. The day was going from bad to worse, the wardrobe took its 3rd pounding!

There was no coming back from this – a couple of missed chances from Benjani and another when he was denied by Maik Taylor confirmed this.

3-0 became 4-0 after Noe Pamarot conceded a penalty that Mikael Forssell converted in injury time – the wardrobe took hit number 4 and number 5 came right after – by which time my knuckles were almost bleeding! – when David Dunn waltzed through to complete a 5-0 rout.

I had always remained hopefully that we would survive at the end of the 2005/06 season, but I must confess that I worried big time after this mauling…

Things did not get much better in the weeks that followed, until, as we all know ‘Pedro Mendes’ match‘ against City and we then eventually pulled off the ‘great escape’ – what an escape it was, ‘dead and buried’ is an understatement.

What had been a horrible afternoon, a depressing afternoon in fact that left me in a foul mood and a devastated state at the thought of what was to become of my beloved Pompey was eventually well worth it – in a way – as the Brummies might have won that particular battle, but we went on to win the war!


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11 Replies to “Birmingham 5-0 Pompey, 21-01-06”

  • Does anyone remember when Birmingham beat us 3-1 at home in 1984/85 and David Geddis scored a hat trick? packed ground, and a huge (physically and numerically) away presence singing ‘come home Blakey’ to noel Blake. I went to St Andrews in 92/93 in a match we won 3-2 with Guy Whittingham scoring a last minute winner in a thriller. i seem to remember Birmingham had given free tickets to loads of Leyland DAF workers (their sponsors at the time) and they were situated in front of the away fans. memories, like the story of my life (The Carpenters 1973).

  • Punching that ‘wardrobe’ so many times to me sounds like a ‘closet’ agression technique. The worst thing I ever did when Pompey lost was to kick my football into the path of a car, and it burst. I never did it again, in spite of the fact that Pompey kept losing in those days. So even in rainy times, when you love your team, the sun may just shine down on them one day. One of the reasons why this team is built into my heart….I could have lost many footballs but I have never lost my team, or jumped ship. Such is faith.

  • im not an agressive person at all – i just never liked that wardrobe, it seemed like it was mocking me everytime the brummies scored! but i showed it who was boss 🙂 but those days are behind me, i just go quiet now and sulk if things arent going well for pompey – thankfully since our great escape things have gone well most of the time!

  • Rabbi – yes I remember the 84/85 games was key promotion game – we had a number in a few weeks around Easter – and we failed to win them and missed out on promotion. Birmingham went up that year only to come straight back down. The other game that season we won 1-0 at St Andrews and there was an incident in the tunnel after the game involving Mick Kennedy and some of their players.

  • As to the 5-0 I was convinced that we would stay up all season arguing the point with friend and foe. After that game I really began to believe I had gone mad.

  • i was the same as you dave i believed even when most said i was kidding myself, but yep tbh after this 5-0 mauling i had serious concerns – as we were in a real state werent we…

  • I remember that afternoon far too well. Gutted at the time. Our worst ever defeat in Premiership. Thankfully the ugly frog turned into a prince & we all lived happily ever after.

  • We were unlucky we dominated the game totally and outplayed them all afternoon, and they had five pieces of good fortune, i must be a pompey fan!!
    We were awful that day and i remember thinking in the minibus that we are going to be relegated, what a long journey back to Liverpool that was.

  • “lalalalalalala im not listning, it never happened, pompey? 5-0? to a team going down? lalalalalala never happened!” on a more serios note…take not, this is what happens if you dont concentrate, even against relegation fodder…

  • but we were even more of ‘relegation fodder’ at that time werent we mate! yep, this was the 1st time that i really thought that season’ were screwed’… that was until pedro did city – from that moment on i had only thought we are going places, and how we are!

  • I think it’s about time we put that game behind us and went out and stuffed the brummies … just to show them whose boss… I hope there caretaker has got a good string wardrobe .. he might need it on Saturday 5-0 Pompey anybody ?… I’ll settle for 2

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