Date: 1st June 2008 at 10:32am
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Harry Redknapp has hit out at a group of 4 of our youth team players after their drunken antics at the victory parade following our FA cup win a couple of weeks back.

He has stated his displeasure at their actions and has put their futures with the club in doubt telling the Mail on Sunday: ‘these four lads didn’t play in the final, but they couldn’t even put their beer down on the bus.

‘We got back for the reception and the four of them just stood there until they were invited to go home.

‘They’re players at my club but they might not be for much longer.’

The ‘drinking culture’ was acceptable ‘back in the day’ but these days, not just because of the high expectations that are expected from these professionals but also because of the high profile nature of the game the right impression must be sent out – not to mention the fact that this was illegal when all is said and done.

All 4 are said to be English and Redknapp feels that this would not happen with ‘the foreign lads’: ‘you get these 16-year-olds who think they have cracked it and aren’t prepared to work and improve and put the hours in. You don’t get that with the foreign lads.’

Whilst I do not condone the actions of these players could this not be a case of youthful exuberance – footballers or not? So would sacking them not be a tad too harsh, could it not be a case of cutting off your nose to spite your face? On the other hand once you are on the wrong side of the big man here it is hard to get back onto the right side as we know.

Yep, maybe they should be made an example of, but not to the strongest example – plus when all is said and done why were they allowed to have carried on drinking so long anyway, let alone be involved in the victory parade? Could a club official not have told them sooner that enough was enough…


Virtually from the minute that Dave Nugent signed for Pompey he has been ‘on his way out again’ if you believed all you read in the papers…

If you believe it again with what the News of the World is claiming then newly promoted Hull are now chasing him and although he is happy where he is, as he has told us over and over, it is still claimed that Harry Redknapp maybe still is not and would sell ‘if the price was right’.

Lets not beat about the bush Nugent did struggle last season, but on the other hand he was not really given much of a chance and was carrying an injury for some time. Although when he did return from having the injury operated on he was looking a much better player, even if he was still not given much of a chance.

I hope that he stays, as I maintain the thoughts that he will be a fantastic footballer in the future given time, and is also a footballer we cannot write off just yet, as we have not done this to others in the past.

When all is said and done though it will be Redknapp and the club that knows best, so whatever is decided we will have to just accept as being the right thing – and in fairness it usually is isn’t it…


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