Date: 19th May 2009 at 5:43pm
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There is a thin line between love and hate as they say, and that is a fact.

After some weeks of complaining about the approach that Hart was taking into every game, and the (one) formation that has been used; started to show that Hart, even if he has done his job in keeping Pompey up, fans didn’t like it and started to hate it.

However, things have changed, thanks to Kamara who scored that all important goal for us, and for Hart. Pompey were safe before kicking off against Sunderland, and as the formations were official, everyone thought that Pompey were in attacking mood; 4-3-3. The first few minutes proved so, true, but once again the team dissolved and players like Kanu, Hughes and Mullins were seen nowhere.

Then Hart opted for a 4-4-2 formation, the third formation we have seen him use, and probably the best that suits us at the moment; a 4 strong midfield including Johnson and Traore on the flanks and a 2-men attack made up of a pair that never seemed to make sense before the trashing of Sunderland; that of Crouch and Utaka. The Nigerian reminded Fratton of the past, and showed us that he is still a very decent footballer, given the opportunity and the position that he likes – a striker. Crouch, who have been ‘suffering’ up there by himself was also shining, and the pair were impressive.

Many had argued about formations, and mentioned a 4-4-2 which only suited, according to their minds, either Gekas or Nugent up front and never mentioned the forgotten man Utaka, especially after firing north that spot-kick against Blackburn. But this time round he was there to do a job and has done it, with a smile.

The turning point of the match was the introduction of Linvoy. He came on and gave us more to cheer about, just enough to end the Fratton season on a high note.

Mr. Hart and his fellow colleagues have done a good job on this day, even better than most of us expected especially after going down and after that first half which almost turned to be a holy silent night.

Hart and Kidd have done it with the approval of the fans, maybe one of the few occasions this season, and this might lean towards love. He gave us everything, just because he is trying to become a fans’ favourite. That might happen as there is only a thin line between love and hate!

Written by Pompey Malta.

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12 Replies to “Becoming a fans’ favourite”

  • He is a lot better than Pompey fans give him credit for. At least he steadied the ship.

  • Most fans always thought Utaka was a right winger but he is not. Sandra’s husband played him there because he had no-one else and he has speed. But he is naturally a striker whose goal return is not great. In France he scored goals in fits and starts and last night he showed glimpses, no more, of what he could do but as I have said before he is either badly motivated or just an inconsistent player.

  • I’m afraid I disagree Malta – yesterday’s win was not a pretty one and we are much better than that particularly in the first half. Granted, we were much better in the second half once Traore came on, but surely a decent manager would have seen this from the off? Still think Hart should go back to the Academy and play to his strengths – he is fantastic at harbouring young talent and getting the best out of them, so we need to keep him in that role and get a more experienced manager in. Not only that, Paul Hart said that Pompey have been punching above their weight – I disagree with this because we thoroughly deserved our FA Cup win, and our league form last season was pretty good, especially away from home. I still think he has no clue whatsoever!

  • Plus Utaka was, in my opinion mainly poor. In the first half his crosses went astray, and in the second half he missed a few sitters – he very nearly missed the one on one and although he took his goal well, the whistle blew for a foul (but in fairness I guess that’s an issue for the ref, and not Utaka).

  • I think we’re getting carried away about last night’s result. Lets face it, Sunderland were poor all round, esp defensively. Take nothing away from us, we forced them into mistakes and took our chances, but theres still a long way to go. I’m still convinved with Hart, but I guess if he is appointed, we’ll just get used to it and back him.

  • Gino .. My spot on mate. Paul Hart is not a long term viable option and if we appoint him we’ll be struggling come Christmas. Sure he has done the job asked of him but not with anything other than a game by game strategy.. I (still) can’t believe that he took each game as it came … he had a third of a season and didn’t plan .. sorry not good enough in my opinion. Back to the Academy please Paul – Not one Pompey fan wants you to leave the club but not many (I know none) Pompey fans want you as manager. Thanks but no thanks.. not in that role anyway.

  • everyone (OK including me) was moaning he was too defensive, when he had a job to do to keep us up, which he’s done. This is probably more crucial to our club’s survival than most of us realise, with (maybe) buyers in the wings, commercial deals such as shirt sponsorship in the balance. You only have to glance down the M27 to see what could happen to us. And we can’t afford a big name manager right now. Last night, Hart started with 3 strikers and then went 4-4-2 and then brought on Linvoy to please the fans. He is listening, there is more to him than just playing safe. As for us still not playing all that pretty, look at our midfield! What midfield? We sold them – that’s not Hart’s fault. I think we could do a lot lot worse than keep on Hart and Kidd next season, and if it does happen, then let’s get behind them – it’s about time they had a song as well.

  • Exactly Tracy. Hart has done what is needed; keeping us up, and now he is trying to please us. Isn’t that enough? Don’t take me wrong lads, I do want a new manager to come in, but I doubt it. I just hope that if Hart is given the job, we will be right behind him!

  • Why rush his appointment ,.. if new owners are in the wings surely they may want to influence things a little .. Selling the midfield wasn’t Tony Adams fauklt either though Tracy

  • Yes Hart came in & did his job & kept us up. A postion we should have never been in. A squad more than should be in the top 8, not bottom 6!!! Come next season if Hart get’s the job, we’ll go back to a very defensive minded team from game 1 until we are safe again. He won’t attract great players & no doubt will get the boot before Xmas. The Sunderland win papers over some huge cracks which will open up again very soon. The priority is a new owner, who will then pick a new manager!!!

  • I wouldn’t mind if hart was given the job, our midfield is lacking any creativity and the formation pretty much forced on him by the squad he inherited. With his talent for nurturing youngsters and Pompeys previous inability to bring youngsters through i think he would be a step in the right direction, barring a mega money takeover which given the current economic climate seems unlikely, we will need to make the most of players we’ve developed ourselves. I don’t doubt that there will be a takeover but i’m not convinced it will be anybody with the sort of money to rebuild our squad by buying big. Youth will be the way forward for many teams and we should be one of them.

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