Date: 14th February 2010 at 12:20pm
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If you know any Scummers, now is the time to rub it in – they will NEVER live this down. This, from holdz, was posted in the forum.

Just to rub it in…..

To be forwarded to all Scummers (copy and paste the below as needed)……

Written by holdz.

Originally in the forum on this link here

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6 Replies to “Beaten in their own backyard”

  • just had a look at the Scum vital site to see if I could leave a snide comment here or there and it’s as bleak as Eastney nudist beach on a freezing winter’s morning. Their fan base is pathetic. If they didn’t have us to hate, they’d have nothing to get excited about ever. We’re doing them a favour really. That’s why so many of them come on OUR site to whinge.

  • Its unbelievable, if there are any scummers where I work I don’t know about it – so there’s noone to rub their face in it! I’m sure they won’t put their heads above the parapet next week if they are there. Everywhere I’ve ever worked before there’s been at least one of them.

  • I walked passed a youth (12,13,14) yesterday .. wearing a scummer shirt and I just had to sing ‘4-1 in ya own backyard’ to him.. My misses said I was cruel as he was only young.. I said I wasn’t offensive and if he is stupid enough to wear a saints shirt the day after they got a thumping (well anytime really) it’s his own fault .. better he learns the facts of life now then live with a false reality !

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