Date: 7th January 2009 at 2:26pm
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There had been some rumblings that Joey Barton could be a ‘transfer target’ for Pompey in the past and they have come back again recently but I just hoped they were nothing more than ‘tabloid speculation’.

Cue the Jaws music, but ‘ understands’ that he has been made Tony Adams’ ‘top target’…

I am all for giving people a second chance if genuine remorse is shown but how many ‘second chances’ does the fella want? He is doing something that most of us would give anything to do – playing football and earn the millions they do – but he seems hell-bent on pressing that self-destruct button constantly.

‘Rumours’ of an interest in him in the summer were denied by the club, but I have it on good authority that we did make moves for him – fortunately they did not come off, so with that in mind making a move for him again this month could be a possibility, and chances are his fee will not be high.

Even putting aside his ‘off the field’ problems, the fact that he targeted former Pompey man Pedro Mendes back along after his former Citeh teammate Ben Thatcher had assaulted him earlier in that same season is another reason why Pompey fans would find it increasing difficult to accept his signing…

I ‘might’ have been able to forgive that had he not had so many other second chances, so I personally would find it very hard to accept him playing for my team – hopefully this will not become the case, but if so I guess it is a bridge I would have to cross ‘if’ and ‘when’ it happened.

Peter Storrie often says that he ‘listens to the fans’, please let him and Adams be listening to us now when we say, well assuming people do not mind me speaking on their behalf, please do not sign the animal!


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