Date: 23rd December 2009 at 9:17am
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Wednesday kicks off with another ‘bumper’ amount of ‘media speculation’…

Embargo stays, unless we prove we have cash…

According to The Express the lifting of the transfer embargo is not as cut and dried as some people might think…

The premier league will lift this, so long as debts that need settling are settled – but ONLY if they are then happy that we can prove we have finances in place to fund possible transfer dealings in January.

Although, to be honest, this is fair enough, right? I also suspect that the majority of us would expect nothing less?

Unless we have the funds available then it would be ludicrous to add more debt to what we already have, so, in actual fact it would be better that we signed no one at all!

The ONLY dealings that I would expect, and I would imagine most others would anyway, would be ‘loans’, ‘free agents’ or ‘cheapies’.

So, all in all, The Express is not really serving up anything new, and in actual fact is insulting out intelligence if we thought anything otherwise!


Pompey ‘swoop’ for Wigan ‘star’

‘Portsmouth plan transfer swoop for Wigan star!’

This is the rather dramatic title that The Mirror gives and article ‘claiming’ that Avram Grant sees Wigan’s former Birmingham and Juventus midfielder Olivier Kapo as one to ‘snap up,’ so long as the transfer ban is lifted…

The ‘flop’, who I would say does not have the characteristics or mentality of someone that we need/should want anyway, is seen as a ‘worthwhile gamble’ apparently and Grant would take him on loan until the summer.

In all honest I find it hard to get excited about ANY player ‘linked’ with Pompey at the moment as I cannot really even bring myself to the ‘he could be a good signing for us’ or the ‘you never know, it could happen’ way of thinking as UNTIL WE KNOW WE CAN SIGN ANYONE NOTHING WILL HAPPEN!

Although, as I imagine people have realised, Kapo is NOT someone that I think we need, or should want, Olivier Crapo more like – then again ‘beggars cant be choosers’ right…


O’Hara extension in threat?

Avram Grant has told The News that as far as he knows: ‘he will be here. But I don’t know 100 per cent.’

The ‘he’ in question being Jamie O’Hara

As we all know the guy IS keen to stay, and it is quite obvious the club want him to – talks are taking place with Spurs, although this transfer embargo ‘might’ scupper a deal?

When we signed him we ‘officially’ announced that it was on loan until January with the option to extend – this was something that Spurs denied, although they seem ‘pretty keen’ to extend this deal.

The problem is, I guess ‘technicalities’ could prove our undoing?

‘If’ we can prove that this was a ‘potential’ season long loan then I cannot see how the premier league could reject this, should – as expected – we exercise the right to extend?

I would say that ‘if’ this was only ever a loan until January then we might be faced with some problems…


Hart plots ‘raid’ on Pompey

Our friends at The Sun, when not attacking us with ‘convicted criminals working for us’ or former players ‘issuing writs against us for unpaid bonus money’, can ‘report’ things that you could imagine coming off…The problem with the ‘links’ to former players they make is that this does seem FAR too easy, and is in actual fact most probably nothing more than ‘lazy journalism!’

Tommy Smith and Mike Williamson were players that Paul Hart brought to the club, and of course rated.

Smith, for me, has had a fine season but suddenly slipped from the radar under Hart towards the end, before seemingly vanishing from it under Avram Grant altogether!

Williamson, well, this deal seems more bizarre by the day – struggling financially yet we bring in a player, granted ‘highly rated’, for a fee that could eventually be as much as £3m. For an untried and untested footballer at premier league level that is a lot of money, for a club in financial trouble even more! For this guy to then NOT even set foot on the pitch once for is just crazy…

‘Smart money’ – or is this just conspiracy theories often handed out getting to me! – would be on further payments being owed to Watford should Smith trigger this by playing again, and I would ‘guess’ that ANY appearance from Williamson would incur some percentage of that ‘apparent’ £3m fee being paid?

This problem, according to The Sun anyway, could be solved as ‘cash-strapped Pompey are willing to offload the pair’…

Who knows anymore!

So guys, what do we think of this mornings media offerings?

As always leave your thoughts below…


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