Date: 11th March 2010 at 10:46am
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Wednesday was another horrible day in the history of Portsmouth Football Club – as we all know 85 jobs were cut as the administration team wielded the axe…

Of course it was a terrible thing to happen, and a shame that so many jobs had to be lost – we all feel for these people, and I suspect a lot of us know, or at least know of people that have sadly been forced to move on. I can say that I know of at least 1 at this time and they were a diamond and credit to the club!

I think that Chix in many ways sums things up well when he said: ‘although scant consolation at this time the important thing that the individuals concerned must come to understand is that it is THEIR JOB that has been made redundant not them – It is not a reflection on them as a person or how well/hard they worked .. Good Luck and best wishes to them all.’

Good luck to them all indeed.

For me I find it a shame that Peter Storrie’s chief executive job – and other senior board members that WOULD have been more accountable for things – was not ‘made redundant!

Yep Peter I guess I must be one of those that is not a ‘genuine fan’ because I want to see the back of you – oh, also FYI, should you read this I have not, nor will I ever sing your name…I guess that makes me even less of a genuine fan?

I know I, and others, have said it countless times but whatever way you look at it, or whatever spin it put onto it the likes of Storrie SHOULD, not that he ever has/will willingly accept, be held so accountable for many of these cutbacks – basically one of his jobs was to ensure that all were secure in their jobs, I think it is safe to say that he failed there as well!

With every day that passes any lingering credibility that Storrie has is destroyed yet further, had he, and others more accountable done the honourable thing and resigned it could have saved many other jobs I suspect – and maybe some ‘could’ have been retained? Yep he has ‘tendered his resignation’ but until he finally does walk through the doors for the last time, if he does, there is always that lingering doubt that he will somehow manage to worm his way in to carry on, as he has now for the time being at least…

Did he not say, not so long ago, ‘if the fans wanted me to go I would go?’

I think the message has been made pretty clear to him that this is what the majority now want, yet carry on he does…

It would have been good for Admin Andy – and his colleagues from UHY, who it would seem HAVE settled with HMRC proving the validity of their appointment, had seen fit to make Storrie’s position redundant – because in many ways are they not actually doing his job now? Oh, sorry his ‘intensive’ football knowledge is saving him.

Given the fact that they have not all we can do is HOPE that they are basically ‘using him’ whilst they can – and trying to find out info he may well know about things – and they then WILL kick him to the curb when they have all they need from him? It is just a shame that we, as a club, have to keep paying the guy, 40% less or not!

It is not an easy job for the admin team to do, all we can do is trust their judgement and let them get on with what they have to do. As I say getting rid of Storrie would have, I suspect, pleased plenty of people – so the fact he has managed to stay on, along with others that should have gone, is a kick in the teeth but lets just PRAY that we get the last kick in. To be honest I would seriously hope that he is gone before he returns to court next month – waiting until the outcome of this trial ‘could’ give reason to release him, and without any payoff, but does the club really, potentially, want to be dragged further through the mud?

Clearly I do not know all of the jobs that were cut, but – and I am not heartless as I feel for all that have gone – some ‘probably’ were not needed, we seem to have bloated the staff, and ‘perhaps’ we bloated too much? We can only hope that some of those jobs that have been made redundant are for some of those that were ‘jobs for the boys’ type thing and among those going all of those types roles have all gone.

Sympathies with those that are no longer employed are given by us all, the worry is that some with Portsmouth genuinely in their hearts have been cut loose – which is even sadder, all we can do is hope that the day WILL come when those more accountable for things will finally pay their price…


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