Date: 15th April 2009 at 12:45pm
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Ashdown finally set to move on?

Jamie Ashdown has always been a keeper that I have felt deserves to be more than a ‘back-up’, and if ‘reports’ in The Mirror are to be believed he could be set for his chance, as a move away from Pompey this summer could happen?

It is being said that Birmingham are looking to sign him in the summer after he ‘rejected a fresh contract at Fratton Park’…

Rejected a new contract? Did I miss something? I did not even know we had offered him a new deal?

I have always felt that Ashdown is a keeper that would do a fantastic job with any championship club, or a mid-lower premier league side, which I of course include us in this bracket but as we have David James – and hopefully will for another couple of seasons – he is not going to get a look-in here is he.

Time will tell what the future will bring for him, but yep, moving on is the best thing for him to do in his own careers best interest methinks and if this is to replace the scummer at St Andrews then so be it…

‘If’ he does leave though, I hope he leaves and does become the no.1 somewhere, it would be horrible to see him leave only to be the no.2 elsewhere!


Niko targets Bolton win – we all do mate!

‘We all know it is not going to be easy between now and the end of the season, but it is important we stick together and work it out.

‘Hopefully we can get a good win over Bolton at home on Saturday – that is the priority.’

This is what Niko Kranjcar told The Express today.

As for it being a ‘good win’ to be honest I do not really care how we do it, I just hope we win at the weekend – I am still disappointed about last weekend though as we now have extra pressure on us as I really do feel we need to win as ‘playing for a point’ is not good enough for a home game! Clearly a point is better than none though of course.

I think that the Croatian has picked up on a few glimpses that ‘disharmony’ is again surfacing in the dressing room, hence his ‘it is important we stick together and work it out’.

Kranjcar, for me, had a fantastic game against West Brom last weekend and we will need to get more of the same this weekend – we also need more of an attacking look to our play, unfortunately I am not convinced that we will see this as it will be ‘more of the same’…

The pressure is on this weekend, I know you have to let it go and move on, but we have made this game so much more difficult than it should have been – would it not have been better to have ‘played for the win’ against the Baggies and then ‘played for the draw’ against Bolton – in what would appear to have been the ‘better’ of the games to have drawn? But hey ho, what do I know.

Lets just hope that Paul Hart shares your views mate, and he too is out to ‘go for the win’, although, and I do not want it to seem like I am on an ‘anti-Hart crusade’ as I am not, I will not be holding my breath…


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