Date: 20th January 2010 at 2:18pm
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It is easy to shut a gate when the horse has bolted isn’t it? Well these are jim4pompey’s thoughts in a very interesting article written and submitted.

In my experience putting together multi-million pound partnerships and projects things can always be structured to assist both sides. The PL and players (see Sol Campbell suing Portsmouth story for example) are clever enough when they want to be paid – but when Pompey need help I don’t see the effort to create a flexible arrangement that allows us to ship out high wage earners, put capital back in the business and pay creditors while still allowing us to replace these players with loans and free transfers.

For God’s sake – even banks put in management teams before putting a business into administration. Why does no one ask – where were the premier league when we needed them?

They’re banning us from transfers when we’re selling players and trying to sort our finances out but happy to let us get into this mess!!!!

Where was the oversight and review of transfers 1, 2, 3, 4 flippin years ago?

ALSO – Have the PL not thought that it’s a hard decision for us to ship some of the 20-30k a week plus players out when we’re not allowed to find a few freebies and loans to cover them at half the price – it’s a disincentive for us to let players like Jamo and Kaboul go, slash the wage bill, bring in much needed equity and put ourselves on surer footing when we’re not allowed to replace them.

I find the whole business a bit two faced to be quite honest and I can’t really see Pompey doing anything stupid right now. If only they at least gave us 10 days to bring in some loanees to make it easier to ship players out, even if it is under some form of supervision and scrutiny. You can put restrictions in place without being stupid.

If the guys at the PL aren’t clever enough to put an agreement with PFC in place that helps us out both ways then they should be held up as partly responsible for any demise of PFC. Not just by not being flexible now but by the total lack of responsibility they took for a small club with a ca 20,000 person stadium spending the money on players and their salaries we were.

Thank you PL. It’s easy to take the moral high ground when the horse has bolted!

Written by jim4pompey.

The views within this article are the views of the individual who wrote and submitted this piece, sometimes solely theirs. They are not necessarily shared by the Vital Pompey Site Journalists.

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14 Replies to “Are we taking this transfer ban at face value?”

  • Great point. The Premier League always take credit when an English team does well, whether it be record profits, or European success, or signing the best talent. The PL PR machine works overtime to tell us about the best league in the world, but when a club finds it difficult, or essentially suffer the lack of foresight to save before an economic downturn, they are the first to point fingers. For me the biggest culprit is Al Fahim with his delaying tactics that cost the team points, and the club investment which was always going to become harder to get back as the league position dropped alongside the strength of the businesses around the world. But ofcourse if there was a proper system to scrutinise these celeb wannabes we wouldn’t have got caught up in the crazy world of the fake Doctor.

  • there are many culprits here – Harry for encourgaing rampant spending, Storrie and Sacha for sanctioning it, Al Fahim for playing games and making us a laughing stock… Surprisingly the only one’s currently who are getting loads of stick are the current owners who had nothing to do with the current mess… I don’t see people bashing down the door to take pompey off their hands and they certainly seem to be working hard to get the ban lifted, the winding up proceedings struck off, the club refinanced and in the middle of it (just in case we get a chance) negotiating with players to strengthen what will almost certainly be a weakened squad be fore the end of the window…

    and yet we march on them? why? because we cant march on spurs or to israel?

  • Jim .. It’s not secret that I share your views about the current owners being targeted just so some fans can vent their frustrations… The frustrations are of course valid (we all have them) but their target is well wide of the mark, I for one do believe they (the current owners) are doing what they believe is right for the club and are not raping it as soon suggest.. but I do feel they should have some assistance (maybe even financial) from the EPL and also maybe the PFA .. both bodies claim to be ‘holier than thou’ yet it is (in both instances) their membership that cause the problem by allowing such large salaries and such high transfer fees .. All that said whichever way you look at it Pompey did spend beyond their means and it is ‘our’ mess irrespective of who created it .. but I did expect a few ‘mates’ to jump in and help rather that wrap our knuckles and look down on us as if we are (Mark Jacobs words..) the black sheep of the EPL.. Scudamore, Taylor and Co should take a good hard look at themselves and their adminstrations.. my mum also used to say .. people in glass houses shoudl thrown stones.. maybe it’s time to march on Lancaster Gate … after Spurs and Israel of course !

  • Excellent piece Jim. Very intelligent and well written. I wonder if taking your point one step further we could come to an agreement with the premier league whereby we could have a one out one in policy whilst keeping the embargo. So we sell one high earner and are allowed to bring in a suitable replacement on loan or free. That way the net monthly cost to the club would improve, net cash flow should improve but the likely quality will decline which means we’re more likely to survive financially but more likely to be relegated meaning we’ll no longer be an embarasment to the premier league (well for a year at least) That almost a win-won situation.

  • One of many ways of dealing with it -many PL clubs currently have a no buying till you’ve raised the money through player sales policy. The bottom line is it just takes scrutiny.

    And CHIX – agree with you but the whole point is to the PL “you didn’t put a salary cap on us so how can you put a transfer embargo on us once the horse has bolted” – you simply compound the problem through knee jerk, short termist, reactionary mis-management.

  • very good point. if we thought we could bring in a player to replace kaboul, for free, and cheap wages, we probably would – releasing 10million+ which could help our problem. The problem is, we can’t bring in a replacement, so we won’t sell, so we can’t pay our debts.

  • exactley carpet… what I’m saying is that this lack of flexibility is counter-productive. So we CAN quite easily blame the PL if we go out of business as we are essentially under a period of restricted trade. This always happens… and why Sol is in there… things go bad… people shut you down so you cant trade out, the world gets scared and every creditor suddenly gets cold feeet and puts in for money.

  • it might be a different angle but PFC would have had total condemnation of the PL . if they had said a couple of years ago we coulnt sign the likes of Defoe, Crouch & Utaka because we coulnt afford to sustain their contracts / wages with only 20.000 gate monies . would our argument have been they are stopping us from progress ? the bottom line is PFC as a Club has been run/ managed in the past few years by persons who have given no thoughts to the future income .

  • agreed Sea…. but my point is they’re preventing us sorting our own issues out AFTER letting us get in the mess. I’m not saying they should have controlled us then and it’s not our fault… it is just a bit high and mighty to get all moral ethics about it now

  • Someone needs to explain to Scudamore that if we keep selling players without being allowed to replace them with cheaper/loans/ free transfer players, then we won’t be able to fulfill our fixtures because we won’t have enough players to do so. The League have made their point and enough is enough. The club has authorised its TV money to go to debtor clubs, and renegotiated terms on other debts to other clubs. Yes we are in a mess through bad management, but the new owners have to be allowed to try to sort it. They should lift the embargo now. I think marching on Lancaster Gate is an excellent idea – pity we don’t have a fixture in London very soon, but we should do it anyway. (Don’t know when though)

  • Excelent Article. send it to Sky as an email and get them on the case, we need to bang drums now to get our pints echoed in the media. Enough bad press, time to rally and beet the PUP Drum.

  • I agree with pretty much all you say Chix, particularly regards the current owners I still think the self appointed fans representative and his mate who lost it on quay Monday night ate apologists for Storrie and Gaydamak. The PFA chief makes me want to vomit, he and his clientel cause mist of the problems in football. I was told about 18 months ago that the reason Storrie fought so hard for the club was because he couldn’t afford for it to collapse and a financial investigation to ensue – At the time Rug and I thought the bloke was paranoid.

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