Date: 11th November 2013 at 3:42pm
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An article from Stmonkton52 looking at the reality of where we are and where we can go, and how long it might take – read on for more.

I’m not looking for sympathy but I’m really starting to feel the chill wind of reality and it ain’t a pleasant place.

As I followed Saturday’s game I began to realise just how long it will take us to get back to somewhere positive.

The bad news is we’re out of the cup, we’re just about holding on in the bottom tier of the league and we are usually about the next to last game on the television review of the league.

Some of us have been here before at the end of the 1970s and it took a mighty long time for the good times to arrive. If you look at the vast investment that teams at the top of the Championship are making and yet failing to get out of the division, I see no prospect of us getting back to the top tier.

All this makes me feel really, really downhearted.

I saw my first game at Fratton in 1959 and so spent almost a lifetime waiting for the great times we had a few years ago. I’m grateful we got those years and I am so pleased that we still have a club to follow. Does it hurt more because we had those times ?

I think it probably does.

I know we should be positive and I agree we are on the right track but the reality is that we will remain a small scale third tier club at best and it hurts !

Do others feel the same?

Written by Stmonkton52.

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15 Replies to “Anyone Else Feel Like This?”

  • I said this in the forum thread…It is depressing to see where we are at times, then again it would be more so to see where we could have been. I am one of those that ISNT going to keep banging on about being happy to have a club (obviously I am, but think we have a right to have a moan and a groan etc) all the time tho.
    I am too young to remember the old division four days, remember us being *****e in the mid-late 90s when I first started being able to follow Pompey regularly tho and liken these days to those in some ways and with players starting to care like some of those did.
    Without doubt it will take time to climb, ‘if’ we could get back to the cup finals and premier league I wouldnt be able to say no but it isnt something I long for in all honesty but would like to see us back to being a championship club, which is what I genuinely think we are and probably always have been.
    Given time, patience and effort I think we will rise a little, but it WILL take time and I can understand how demoralising it could be I guess having seen the decline and witnessed a rise and how long that took and thinking how long again it could take?
    Will it take 30-odd-years to get back to a level where we kind of think we belong?
    Maybe, maybe not. So long as I am enjoying my football again tho I will be happy and have to say (a few games aside) I have rarely come away from Fratton this season having felt that disappointed by what I saw – that being said I am in no hurry to devote my time fully to following Pompey all over the country again, then again my own priorities have also changed over the years as has my financial situation.

  • “I am too young to remember the old division four days” “would like to see us back to being a championship club, which is what I genuinely think we are and probably always have been.” By definition then Rug you are too young (and/or don’t read your Pompey history books) to remember Pompey as a top flight club – 3 FA Cup finals, 1 FA Cup win, back-to-back top flight league winners. Lack of investment in replacement players lead to a slow decline in Pompey fortunes. The fight to get out of div.4, and then div.3 were days to relish. Then stagnation until Mandaric came along and brought us back to where we belong – Premiership, another FA cup win, Europe. Then the mighty crash due to a string of unscrupulous owners. With due respect to the PST the outlook is gloomy but once we prove we’re on a sound financial footing and the team progresses upwards I’m sure an investor or two will come along and we’ll eventually be back where we belong – top flight!

  • As in the forum

    (Got a feeling this could be a long one)

    As much as Pompey is a huge part of my life it is not ‘my life’ so although I do get disappointed when we lose I equally get excited when we win… In some strange way it does matter (week by week) what league we are playing in and long as we are striving to compete in it and not merely tread water.

    I started my Pompey education at (IMO) the worse possible time … as a kid I was told of the greats; Dickinson, Harris, Scoular, Froggatt etc.. and the characters Saunders, Gordon, Harry Harris, McCann etc

    Everybody in the city had happy memories of Pompey and the good times were in most peoples living memories .. For me I had missed it all.

    Still there was this new guy in town called Mr Deacon who promised us that the big signings would come and the sleeping giant that is Portsmouth Football Club’ would return to where it belongs … The Pinnacle of the Football League …. I was eight – I believed him !

    The history books tell the rest from two to three form three to four and if it wasn’t for the like of Burrows, Ball and Smith we’d still be down there now (erm .. well you know what i mean) .. Slowly we climbed the leagues .. along came Northampton, Huddersfield, Plymouth, Liverpool … Those that attended will know what I mean …

    Then the impossible happened Bally took us (tears and all) back to the first division .. We knew deep down we wouldn’t survive .. but at least (for the first time for my generation at least ) we could go to Anfield, Old Trafford, Highbury, Goodison, the City Ground and see Pompey play a league game .. The results didn’t matter to us .. to beat the scum was what most people wanted.. and beat the scum we did.

    For one season we lived the high life and then as Rug mentioned we spent years in the wilderness with the odd exception of a cup semi final and replay at Highbury and Villa Park.

    Then came the Redknapp years .. Years where he wheeled and dealed and not only took us into the Premiership but gave us the ultimate memory of a date and subsequent victory with Cardiff.

    Then as we know it all went ‘tits up’ and putting aside who is to blame for what happened we slipped from 1 to 2 to 3 to 4 .. or whatever the modern day equivalents are… and was upset ? sure .. and was I disappointed ? sure .. but that is football.

    We are Portsmouth we are proud and I firmly believe we are one of the most passionate club in the world .. yes the world !.. Ask AC Milan.

    The thing (for me) about being a Pompey fan is not to think too much .. don’t wish for a future that might not be achievable and live each season as it comes and put it into the context of your life .. We may never see Pompey in the premiership again .. but so what .. Did those years define my experiences or memories of supporting PFC… nah it added to them and made them richer but what is an up if you dont have a down… Ask Man Utd fans .. they lose a game and their whole world collapses .. those glory hunters don’t know what it is like to support a proper team.

    After a long response my point is this .. If you spend your time wishing you were there, you won’t enjoy the journey … and the journey is what it is all about !


  • I would imagine that finances for players etc.. will be stifled for about 3 to 4 years and success on the pitch might be slow. However, when success starts to arrive and I think that it surely will, the fact that the club is independent of morons will make the pleasure greater. However, if success never comes I would not like that as Pompey is a club that should not be placed down in the depths and not providing the odd thrill. Do not forget also that some clubs will have investors and go upwards but perhaps many more will have the noose go around their necks also. Maybe to the point of extinction.

  • The first thing I wrote was that I wasn’t looking for sympathy. Well, no disappointment there! The more I think about this issue, the more I feel this is a bit of an attempt at therapy. By explaining the way I feel, perhaps it won’t hurt so much. I expect some of you know what I mean.
    I think one of the things that added to the gloom on Saturday was the continued rise of you know who down the M 27. They are starting to be everyone’s second favourite team and I have to say they deserve it. The stark contrast between their well earned delight and my gloom is clear.
    Lest anyone suggests that recognising their success is un Pompeylike, I stopped worrying about their achievements in May 1976. After that, they couldn’t hurt me anymore. Quite liberating really.
    As a further talking point about this painful obsession we all have, what is the maddest thing you’ve done trying to keep up with Pompey news? As a starter, mine is crouching on the floor in my Madrid flat in 1985 trying to get a short wave radio signal to listen to BBC World Service. Weakly, the news came through that Man City had done us for promotion on goal difference. I bet no one else in the city (possibly the country) was the slightest bit interested!

  • lol Stmonkton52 I think we need to turn that into a separate thread in the forum.. I’ll add a bit more in the morning but for now I have to put the kids to bed .. great to see a pompey fan such as you posting .. PUP .. PS – Did you used to drink in the Monkton.. ?

  • No, I don’t feel the same. I am quite happy with where we are at the moment. I look forward to every match, don’t get to depressed when we lose, unless we were really rubbish, and feel we have a decent future. It’s a matter of context; Arsenal fans are despairing about their team’s inability to win things yet they are consistently one of the best teams in the world. See?

  • No, I don’t feel this way either. I remember being here before. I enjoyed it then and am enjoying it now. The pressure and hype around the game at the top level takes a lot of the enjoyment out of it.

  • I dont feel it, I am enjoying this season. I can relate to the players, they probably dont earn much more than me, they seem to be embracing the city and area, they seem to want to be here… we have some decent ones too in Holmes and DC, Ferry, Big Pat, Sonny and Bondz, and young Jed… we are exceeding expectations on all fronts off the pitch and at least matching what most would settle for on it with potential to do better. We should be looking at promotion in 2 years and challenging in the 3rd tier after that. If we keep the attendances up, and we should as long as the club keeps engaging with the public as it is at the moment we will surely be in the championship soon enough…. then who knows. But at the moment, each game brings its own enjoyment and conversation and win lose or draw, I am happy with that!

  • Some cracking responses to this thread – Thanks for raising the issue StMonkton (of Ryde not Copner Road lol) I hope you could put another article to Rug for debate .. or get involved in some of the other aspects of Vital Pompey in the forums ..

  • Erm, you know I said I was happy with stuff? Just watched the Glue Pot Cup match; can I change my mind?

  • Thankfully I wasnt at the game, really feel for those that were! Nothing to get excited about after that is there…

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