Date: 14th June 2009 at 9:56am
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Dear Sacha, Storrie and I guess Dr Al Fahim (or Dr SAF as some of us will look to endearingly call you.)

I have been torn up, down, left, right and centre on the whole Glen Johnson being sold issue…

Whilst I know without a shadow of a doubt that Johnson has the ability to became a genuine world-class footballer, if he is not already, and know that he could do a job at any club in this country, and probably most in Europe if not the world – in time, if not now – I am still ‘slightly’ perplexed at our apparent willingness to let him go, particularly at this time?

The transfer window is open until August 31st, the last time I looked at the calendar it read June 14th so we have a good two and a half months of the summer window to go – so what is the hurry?

I expected Johnson, and others, to go without a doubt as last season wore on – if nothing else to ‘ease debts’ and of course ‘balance the books’, something that we clearly had to do. Of course we still need to do this to a degree but the cynical would think that allowing him to leave before a deal for Dr Al Fahim to take over is done for a number of reasons:

* It reduces the loss that Sacha would make, this fee can either be used to offset some of the loan owed to South African Banks and/or be recouped from the loans he gave the club which were said to be something that was willing to be written off?

* Should this happen it then reduces the amount that Dr SAF might have to pay for his purchase slightly?

* And, which is arguably the most worrying thing – although I do not think this will be the case – it leaves a little doubt in the mind that we are thinking contingency plans ‘should’ this takeover fall through! Selling with the apparent need to do so thought to have been reduced means we get a better price now, if we turned offers down and the takeover fell through we are left in trouble, we need to sell but buying clubs then know we are not in the driving seat, they are…

Of course, these thoughts are just theories, and I guess theories others have shared – and can you really blame them?

Like I say I had little doubt that Johnson would go as last season wore on – with this news of takeover talk my belief that he would stay raised as he has not appeared to want to leave, even though he is so good that I could understand and still expect it. So, a departure does not surprise me, but allowing this to happen now – and not in a months time seems odd? Why not let the due diligence go through, then take it from there. The timing is bound to leave many fans with more ‘questions than answers’ and to suggest that the fans would understand this I think is misguided?

It is such a difficult one, as I really do know how good he is and can see why he would leave – as I have said – and in many ways think that he is too good for us, but what I cannot quite make out is if we are seriously allowing this because we feel we ‘owe it’ to him or we are doing this because we want to ‘cash in?’

There seems to be a lot of ‘we cannot stand in his way’ and ‘it is an opportunity for him’ talk but not a lot, well any, of the ‘we want to keep him but it is up to him’ talk?

Why is this?

It seems like we are more than happy for him to go the more I listen to interviews, with not much emphasis put on the ‘if he wants to stay we would be delighted’ kind of thing that I would like us to say? It seems like we are ‘happy’ to let him go and seem to be making the decision for him, which I have no doubt is a difficult one for him to make as he knows what it is like to leave a club for a ‘bigger one’ and not play. I know that Johnson is a much better player now than the one we signed but we still seem to be relenting too easily and do not seem to be putting up enough of a fight!

This is something that has seemed inevitable, but the inevitability of the outcome is starting to seem like it has come sooner than it was meant to and is being made a lot easier for potential suitors?

Johnson might not have categorically said he wanted to stay, but he has not said he wanted to go – his thoughts appear to be one of a guy that is confused himself, he is happy where he is and knows that the grass is not always greener on the other side so has reservations but also knows, as we do, that he is good enough to do so.

All-in-all it seems like we are trying to make that decision for him as despite all of what we are saying about ‘doing what is are best for him’, these seem to be thoughts that can be interpreted as meaning this is actually doing what is best for us, and not the club as we lose our best player – people win, but the real losers are the club who lose the best player we have who ‘might’ not actually be that desperate to leave at this point in time…

If we really can get £18m for him I know that this is an exceptional amount and if that is what we are seeing, lets just be honest about it – why make it out to be purely a ‘great deal’ for Johnson, why put it all down to him and how we cannot prevent him from this opportunity?

Should he be the one wanting to go, then fair enough say so, and I would not be disappointed it just disappoints me the way we are putting things across.

Ok, lets just say that Johnson decided that he wanted to stay, would we be happy about this and allow him to willingly stay or would we start pushing him towards the Fratton exit, which almost seems the impression we are giving now – I apologise wholeheartedly if the impression I am getting is wrong, I guess that I have become very cynical given the way football works these days, and to be quite honest the way we have worked at Portsmouth Football Club for many years…

The timing seems so wrong.

It is easy for me to say, not being the person who is basically deciding if near on £20m is the right thing to accept, but at a time when uncertainty still remains for many with all the fans and so many players left in limbo, and I think ‘limbo’ probably is the right choice of words, I think that deciding to accept an offer now and sell our best player at this point in time, for me, is sending out a bad message – and a message that is likely to see, or create, yet more uncertainty among so many.

Yours faithful a committed and true blue.



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