Date: 14th October 2009 at 3:58pm
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…words that were bound to happen, sooner or later!

To be honest, apart from a possible fans interview I will give to Vital Spurs – as they will to us – and the summarisation of the latest poll, when it ends, I had just about said all I wanted to about the former manager and players returning this weekend.

That said, I have been waiting for his ‘they were rubbish before ‘I’ got them to this and that’ speech and sure enough, today it arrived in The Mail: ‘if I’d been the worst manager Portsmouth had ever seen and got them relegated, turning out lousy teams they should have the hump.’

‘But they were bottom of the Championship when I went there and we became a top eight Premier League side, winning the FA Cup. The fans saw players there that they’ll probably never see the likes of again.

‘Lassana Diarra is with Real Madrid now, Muntari’s at Inter Milan… look at the quality of players they saw at the club.’

Once again I can only say, as I have already this week, that I do appreciate the good times we had and the absolutely world-class players we had – even if some turned out to be nothing more than footballing mercenaries – but once again he, like so many, seems to be missing the point of the ‘hump’ that we have

What was achieved, and the costs this came at – not that I would change it I have to admit – does not justify the way he walked out on us, and the reasons for doing this, no matter what is said! Sorry, that is how I feel – justifying leaving one club, that you ‘promised’ you would not again, the club that you made ‘a mistake’ leaving first time round that was ‘your spiritual home’ when you knew you would no longer have any money spend for one where you would is just indefensible for me…

All this said I will not be ‘shouting and screaming’ at him at the weekend I will be supporting my team.

Justification of what we paid for players, what we paid them in wages and what we got when they were sold is something that was also pleaded and he said that he will ‘walk out there with my head held high because I’m proud of what I achieved at Portsmouth,’ doing this without bodyguards as that was played down as ‘absolute rubbish.’

Of course he also had to have something to say about David James, insisting that he is happy with who he has and he thinks that ‘he’ll end up staying’ with us but as he is ‘still a fantastic goalkeeper’ he expects that others will be ‘interested.’

Again, this has not been written as an attack on him as such, or looking for people to attack him, it has just been written to point out those ‘famous words’ that we knew he would trot out – although to be honest I am surprised they have come so late in the week, I was banking on them at the start of the week to be honest…

I will also once again end by saying, and these thoughts above do not mean I will be doing anything other than ‘what I preach’, lets ensure that we spend time, effort and energy supporting Portsmouth Football Club this weekend, not wasting this on anti-supporting.


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