Date: 29th March 2010 at 9:46am
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Richard Scudamore IS right today when he says that ‘rank bad mismanagement’ has aided Pompey in the potential plight to oblivion, although having crooks, and some HAVE been proven convicted fraudsters, running a club that the premier league ALLOWED has clearly not helped us either has it!

So, do not look to shift all the blame onto Portsmouth Football Club dicky! Pompey might have ‘hurt the premier league’ but what has gone on, and the actions – or non-actions – of you guys – for us and for football in general – has not really done a lot to help us, who feel pain you could not imagine!

We all know that Pompey have been an ’embarrassment’ to the premier league – then again do they not think that the charlatans running us have not been an embarrassment to US! Although Scudamore and co HAVE, even if they will not admit it, brought a fair amount of this ‘chaos’ and ‘farcicalness’ on themselves…

Their own ‘fit and proper’ tests have allowed a string of ‘unfit’ owners to come in, and their own willingness to do all they can to ensure we see the season out, for me, is not helping us in the long-term at all – as said countless times, being able to ‘sell players’ now and having money ‘advanced’ does little, or nothing, to help our long-term future.

Also the fact that they allow clubs to spend whatever they want whenever they want WITHOUT looking to enforce some form of rule, something like you only being able to have a percentage of your income being spend on wages for example, continues to let the English game at the highest level spiral out of control – with the knock-on affects rippling through the leagues and causing all manor of problems.

The premier league HAS, and will continue to, ruin football as long as it is allowed to carry on the way it does – lets make no doubt about this.

The ‘best league in the world’ has a lot to answer to, and whilst I might have been critical of the likes of Seep Blatter and Michel Platini in he past over various issues, in many ways – even if I might not agree with it all – a lot of what they say and push onto the English game is right really…

Again, I AM NOT looking to shift (ALL) the blame for what has happened to us onto the premier league, we cannot do that as people that were ‘meant’ to be running this club are the major culprits, they are not going to shift it away from them though either!

The premier league DOES have a lot to answer for so I am not going to sit here and let Scudamore and co come out and try to absolve the premier leagues ‘whiter than white’ image of having nothing to answer for – they DO have so much to answer for, both with our case and the wider crime of helping to ‘kill off the English game’, well at least outside of the promised land, and even within it I am sure they would rather cherry pick the cream of the crop…


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