Date: 16th July 2009 at 3:11pm
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Right, I have sat down, had a bit of a think and tried to gather these thoughts that I have been having recently, combining good an bad elements of what I have been thinking to give my two cents worth – obviously I am not saying this is the case or the way, or is what needs to be done, but there you go…

‘We must remain patient’, ‘keep the faith’ and so on are the words that we keep hearing, and the message that we here at Vital Pompey keep giving you.

Yep, I know it is hard, I know this can be wearing thin and it is hard to know what to think or believe anymore, I admit my own patience – with some issues – is very much wearing thin but I, like I hope you do, will hang in there a while longer… if you have waited this long and been patient, not just with this deal but Portsmouth Football Club in general, then a few more weeks, even if they are ‘difficult’, must be worth it, right?

I maintain my belief – despite admittedly having my doubts at times and people telling me not to keep this blind faith anymore – that Dr SAF’s takeover will go through.

I also maintain the thoughts, maybe hopes, that we will bring in good honest professional footballers that will do enough to ensure that we survive next season, we then build from there…

To be honest, my thoughts about the quality of these players are they will not be as talented as the ones we have sold/will sell – you then have the issues with justifying the costs involved, but that is for another day – yet they will be committed and more often than not this commitment, as the underdog if you will, is worth more.

Would we get any less effort and commitment from lesser players this season than we did the ‘superstars’ last season, which then asks the question would results be any less?

But, and here is the but, I believe that growth will come from this and after this season, with a much greater emphasis put onto the development route, with better players also signed in time – do not expect ‘ready made’ superstars though, superstars in the making could be the way…

This never was going to be an ‘instant fix’, the way it ‘looks’ to be going is the way, albeit with a few more players leaving that I thought, as I just about expected it to – like I say, a couple more leaving that I expect!

In all honesty my main gripe at the moment is the lack of official informational being given to the fans by the club…

There are many issues that ‘could’, and for me ‘should’ be spoken about and info given to us but we are not getting this. Ok, we cannot talk too much about the takeover, but elements of this could be discussed without having any impact on it. Talk that players have gone off to speak to other clubs after offers have been accepted could be confirmed, maybe even explained or justified..

Without a doubt the issues with our kit and shirt sponsors after the Canterbury news and what have you as to what state we are at with this – as none of us know – should be explained on the Pompey Site, right?

It should not be down to likes of Vital Pompey, and other fans sites, to have to chase down info from the club or hunt down what is being told to other media outlets and so on about issues that are going on – the official website is the first port of call for most fans, as when it is on there you take it as gospel right, even if you do not like it!

These fans sites are doing a fantastic job at the moment, and I am not just saying that as I am involved with a wonderful one here, but we are not the ones that should have to go out and find this info, this info should find us…

So, this is where my patience is running thin – we plough a lot of money into the club so is it too much to ask for a little more info back?

Like I say, I remain convinced that this deal will happen, and when it does in the long-term it will be a really good thing for Portsmouth Football Club and us – this is not just hope, or thoughts judged on what limited info ‘might’ be being fed to me, things cannot have been any worse than they were, it might not be looking much brighter at the moment than it was, but it will be.

So, ‘keep patient for a while longer’ – gawd, how many times have we said this! My thinking is it would be easier to do this though if Pompey gave us back a little bit more though…


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