Date: 4th February 2009 at 11:06am
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It is comforting to note that the British press have now openly made an apology to Portsmouth Football Club.

An apology for miss-representation of our financial situation, indicating that we would have to sell our top players in order to remain solvent, and Tony Adams is going to be sacked and Avram Grant is to be given the job.

Ha, fat chance of that, but in fairness there were a number of our own so called own fans who doubted what was going on and would rather listen to the press instead of Peter Storrie.

Point of fact was that we turned down bids for key players and got the five new players, plus permanently signing Belhadj, so not a bad month of business really. Time will clearly tell if the new additions are good enough to keep us in the big boys league, but one thing is for sure, what we have in the way of players is now going to have to take us through to the end of the season. Whether Tony is there till the end remains to be seen, but I hope he is given a fair chance to integrate the new players and build a revitalised squad.

We have a tough few weeks ahead now with fixtures against Liverpool, Man U and Chelsea, but there are Man C and Stoke in between so hopefully we can pick up points in all of the games. One thing is for sure, we as the fans need to get behind our manager and the eleven players on the pitch and get us back up the table and into safety.

Hopefully if the BBC reports are true there is a renewed interest in a possible buyer for the club, then that would be the icing on the cake if whoever would come in a finance the training facility, new ground and funds to strengthen the squad even further.

We may struggle, we may succeed, but nothing should ever deflect the love for our club.

Play Up Pompey.

Written by Blarmy.

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25 Replies to “An apology from the press…..Nah didn’t think so!”

  • Pompey Rug good article.

    Like you, i was never expecting an apology from the media, thats as likely as Harry shutting up about our club, our players, or even ever admitting he was wrong (Apart from him lying he regretted leaving us, biggest mistake, and his spiritual home).

    But more than that, i am disappointed that the current fan base sees fit to be so downbeat everytime we get a few bad results, a bad run, or players arent rotated in line with their wishes. Whats happened to the good old days when no one questioned anyone other than the board for robbing money from the club to fund basket ball etc.

    We lost players in our history that we didnt want to lose, but we never questioned it (just as well really as Billey went for shagging Ballys wife whoops).

    But lets rememeber our history, our passion, and the recognittion we do get, as in Great Fans, and be them great fans once more, unfased, and solid.

    Make Liverpool as loud as AC Milan, and make fratton park rock to make them new players realise why they want to play their hearts out for us.

  • And what about Sunday, when they all had us believing the board were in a special meeting to sack TA. Utter stuff and nonsense, as usual. And its not harmless fun, it just adds to all the uncertainty and negativity around.

  • If right was right, we should be able to sue. This was not only totally untrue, it could be argued that it had an adverse effect on the team.

  • I don’t know what we have done so wrong that the press want to knock us down all the time, particularily irritates me on MoD when we are usually last on and then all Lineker and Hansen talk about is how well or unlucky the other team did, its great for them when we lose as they can then just chuff up that team. The only one who speaks any sense is Shearer. I guess they will be banging on about TA getting the sack if he doesn’t get a win over the Pool, god bless em!!, bet there will be no praise though should we get a result, it will be just that they were tired after playing the FA Cup replay tonight. Still the best answer to all the critics is for the lads to go out there and play with pride to wear our colors and prove them wrong.

  • Well said Blarmy. I saw your comment in The News as well (it was you?) saying to back TA. Even the News are getting in on it and slating the manager, when we all need to pull together. i am confident we will pick points up towards the end of the season, when our staying up will then be ignored by the media completely. Also, hasn’t Sandra’s husband’s media profile increased since he went up the road! Never mind, lets just get on with it, support our team and help them stay up.

  • Yes, Tracy, his profile has increased, but not all of it to the good, I’m pleased to say. Also, we were always being neglected and slagged off when Sandra’s husband was here – since he’s gone, its just got worse. Don’t know what they have against us….

  • However, must say I have been heartened and quite touched by some of the comments from other teams in the prem since He left. It would appear we are well liked, which is nice.

  • Yeah tracy twas me on there as well, on a bit of a roll today, poxy press do my head in. The only good bit of press recently was them saying that Defoe has broken his foot, poor thing, such as shame he won’t be able to help, them in thier fight for survival……..ha!

  • Agreed, Tony and the team do seem to be well liked in the league. Which can only ever be a good thing when negotiating for their players 😉 His tight links with Wenger can only prove a good thing for the club. More awesome loan signings are very welcome =P Vela next season please Tony! (Yes i do think we’ll staying up!) PUP!

  • agree with everyone, we need to get behind the team! do wish the press would be nice for once, would be nice to sue them, would sort any financial troubles we DO have!

  • Jurno’s are good with words even when writing b0ll0x & **** at maths which is why they have 2+2=87!!!

  • Well done Blarms, nice to see a positive spin on current events, the Star even had Adams sacked on Monday with Dos Santos deal all tied up, pure crap

  • Good article Blarmy.. Guess everybody knows what I think already.. Stick by Peter Storrie, Stick with Tony Adams, Stick with Pompey FC and most of all stick together..

  • PS… The Basketball team.. well that takes us back.. I went once or twice.. couldn’t see what all the fuss was about… just a lot of tall american blokes playing netball !

  • I think we all knew that there was no money to be spent, and that it would be stupid to splash money we do not have about.
    The signings mst go out and try to save us, then we can look back on this season, put it behind us and then move on.
    I am not convinced that Adams is the man, and the next three games will be critical, especially for him.
    The press have always loved to have a go at us, we are one of those clubs that play into their hands, no-one likes us, we dont care!!
    See everyone at the game on Saturday, minus the bloody band i hope.

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