Date: 7th October 2009 at 6:12pm
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Of course I do not mean that he speaks, quite literally for the first time – although this could be the case, I do not know the guy, nor do many people know much about him!

Anyway, what the new Pompey owner Ali Al Faraj has done has spoken officially to The Pompey Site for the first time to outline his intentions for the club.

He said: ‘our aim is to put a stable foundation in place in all aspects of the business, beginning with the financial restructuring of the club. Once this is in place we can assess our approach to building a much-needed new training ground and redeveloping Fratton Park.

‘In order to do this we need the full co-operation and understanding of various parties while we come to terms with the ongoing issues of the club’s business and financial commitments.

Stabilising the club then structuring it, sorting out our infrastructure all get a big thumbs up from me, this is what I want and is good to hear…but I do not just want to be ‘told’ things that I want to hear…

Just hearing this is not something that I want, many of us have said recently that we have done nothing but hear words, and words from so many people, actions are what we want to see to follow these words, so lets see these happening and then we can finally believe that what is said will happen will actually happen for once!

‘We are appointing a professional team to review all aspects of the club, working alongside chief executive officer Peter Storrie. There will also be a restructuring of the board. It is well-documented that we initially wanted to take over the running of the club two months ago. This would have enabled us to capitalise on the summer transfer window and help provide finance to strengthen the squad. Unfortunately we were unable to do so and that was a wasted opportunity.

‘However, the players brought in at the eleventh hour, along with those already at the club, have been tremendous and shown a great spirit and unity. And that is great credit to them and Paul Hart and his coaching team.’

I tend to agree, the squad we have in place is not as bad as a lot of people think, and I do feel that the public are finally sitting up and taking notice that perhaps Pompey are not ‘quite as bad’ as they thought we were – this is not to say that we are world-beaters by any means of course!

It, the takeover, did not happen back in the summer, that has now passed so we look to the future and like I have said several times with a little ‘tweak’ here and there this squad is still good enough to keep us up.

‘We have a very loyal fan base who have shown remarkable support.

‘It is important for us to work with them and keep them aware of our plans. Both the community and council have a major role to play in the future of the club and we look forward to discussions with them on a number of issues to enhance Portsmouth Football Club.’

Yep, we, the fans, have been fantastic – particularly the past month or so, so lets hope that this keeps going and the right sorts of fans remain in place. Although I would not like this to happen it is inevitable that some that ‘did not want to know’ before this latest takeover will start coming back if we start doing well again, but that is modern day football I guess…

Working with the community and council is something that we must do, lets work as a partnership and not against each other all the time – when all can realise that everyone can benefit from doing this instead of only doing things for your own personal gain things will run a lot smoother for all!

As said this all sounds good in theory, but lets put some of this theory into practice and give us some physical evidence, in the not too distant future, that these things are actually happening…


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