Date: 15th January 2008 at 5:06pm
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Midfield player Al Bangura has won his fight to avoid deportation.

Watford player Bangura, 19, had been threatened with being sent home to West Africa after his appeal to stay had been rejected but he was given the chance to seek a work permit and was successful at a hearing in Sheffield on Monday.

Bangura was desperate to avoid being deported from Britain to his native Sierra Leone, where he feared his life would be in danger from a voodoo cult.

Refugees from Sierra Leone, which is still recovering from a brutal civil war, are not automatically eligible for asylum in Britain so each case must be individually proved. His extraordinary case and support from the football community proved strong enough to convince the Government hearing. The on-line petition organised by Watford fans attracted more than 12,000 worldwide.

The petition was supported by Vital Pompey members, as well as many other Vital Football website, and we have played a small part in preventing Bangura being sent to a country where he feared for his life.

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Written by eastneydave.

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15 Replies to “Al Bangura wins Work Permit”

  • fantastic news, thanks for writing this dave and making those of us that werent aware, aware of this.

  • great nes for him and watford! i still dont truly understand the workpermit thing in football though…

  • that is good news for your team to have him safely available in the country instead of illegally

  • Well done everyone, it looks like common sense has prevailed at last.
    Good luck to the young man and his family

  • yep, good luck then send the scouts round, if he’s any good maybe just happen to mention it was vital pompey that was that swung it for him 🙂

  • great news, for those who havent read his story, look it up, its very interesting and after all he has gone through to have him deported would be immoral

  • just to clear up some confusuion ozanne – he plays for watford, not us…but its great news for them that he isnt being deported to the country that has sent him death threats since leaving!

  • Good to see a few clubs in support of the lad, really silly situation to be honest, but lots of support from you lads, my lads at vital blackburn and the rest of the community

  • it is fanatastic news and i am very happy about this, i just hope that others that arent footballers that deserve to stay can also be allowed to and will be treated the same… lets spend more time, effort, money and resources on those that are a real problem eh. but that is a debate for ‘vital politics’ 🙂

  • Considering the 1m+ illegal immigrants already here + the ‘allowed’ ones, what difference does another make, legal or not.
    Global warming won’t sink this country the influx of people will.

  • It looks like common sense has prevailed at last. Good luck to the guy and remember Watford if we ever need support…

  • i think we got plenty of support over the “harry redknapp” afair – particually from arsnal – so i think we should thank them for that too!!!

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