Date: 9th December 2008 at 11:12am
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Adams’ safety one of the sale stipulations?
As well once again reassuring Pompey fans that players will only be sold with his say so, and only then if ‘ridiculous offers’ are made, Tony Adams has spoken about the fact that he feels his job is safe despite the fact that the club are up for sale.

There are several stipulations to the sale of the club and if these cannot, or will not be met by a prospective buyer then the club will not be sold to them – the main stipulations are that the new owner will be able to fund the proposed new stadium and of course training ground, but Adams also believes that his job safety is also another.

Adams is young, and is still learning, but I have full faith in his ability to do a job for us. Mistakes will be made along the way, and they have already, but I have full faith in his ability to carry on the good work that had been done before his appointment – so as the old adage goes ‘if it aint broke don’t fix it!’


Nugent focused only on a Pompey future
When former Pompey striker Yakubu picked up an injury last week, an injury that will rule him out for the season, all manor of names were ‘linked’ to a January move to Everton – Dave Nugent was one of them…

The chance for the boyhood Everton fan to go to the club is one that most feel he would jump at, but as he told sky sports news he is not looking for the move and does not expect it, in fact he has again spoken of his desire to stay at the club and prove himself: ‘it’s all rumours. What’s been in the papers is all I’ve seen. I’ve not heard anything from my agent or Everton.

‘I’m a Pompey player and I’m here for the future as well. I’ve been out injured for most of the season so I’ve still got to get match fit and hopefully push for a starting place.

‘It’s not happening at the moment as I’ve been on the bench for the past three games. If something happens now I’m there and ready to make an impact.

‘I’ve not proved a point yet. I need to show the manager and the fans what I can do.’

His time with Pompey so far has been ‘difficult’ to say the least, but he has always talked the talk even if he might not have walked the walk on the pitch. When given a chance, which to be fair was not much of one under Harry Redknapp, he might not have set the world alight but he has had his moments.

Injuries have also been unkind to him, but his work rate, effort and commitment cannot really be faulted can they – and these are qualities that Pompey fans have always loved! Lets see what he really can do, getting that chance is going to be the toughest part, but taking it when it comes is something that only he can take…

The thing that you do have to think about though is ‘if’ Everton really did want him then he cannot be all bad can he, they will be a rival for a European place this season so if he would be good enough for them he could do the business for us – in theory!


Uefa cup was a ‘poisoned chalice’ for James
A European tour was something that we all wanted, well most of us, and we got it. When we did get it in all honesty we found the going tough as we did not have the squad capable competing on as many fronts as we wanted to – although to be honest I do not think that we were far from it…

David James has said that it was a ‘poisoned chalice’ for us this season, so our exit is not exactly a bad thing – but for us to return, which again I feel we can, we need to strengthen the squad. The major problem with that is it will cost money, and money is not something that we have a great deal of.

January is going to be an interesting month, a few tweaks in the right direction and the continued movements forward can happen, tweaks in the wrong direction and the chances of a finish in the league high enough to go back are unlikely – either way I feel that everyone has got a taste for European football and in all honesty we want it again.

The club still has ambition, and of course the fans do as well, the players want this ambition met so we all hope that these can be reached yet further – and maybe I am viewing it through tinted specs, but I still feel we have some unfinished business yet and can reach this unfulfilled ‘next level’. For this we probably need a ‘multi millionaire’ to invest, maybe we will get that as James, and of course others would like but as said I feel we are only a few tweaks away from what we need as we have so much already in place here…


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