Date: 27th December 2008 at 11:15pm
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Adams keen to keep Defoe, and others, if the ‘heads’ have not been turned!
Tony Adams has insisted that he wants to keep Jermain Defoe, amid fresh speculation that Villa have offered around £10m for him.

He has said that he wants to keep the England man at Pompey and the club have received no offers for him thus far, nor is he welcoming them – however he has also said that if ‘players heads’, including his, have been turned by possible moves to other clubs then he does not want them here as they will no longer be fighting fully for the club.

Well said that man, if players want to play for Portsmouth Football Club and the fans great, if not lets get shot!


Distin ‘unsure’ of his future…
Sylvain Distin is no stranger to ‘voicing his opinion’ – his previous outburst was, in my opinion, misconstrued by the media but the ground works were laid for future ‘thoughts’, as shared now…

He is waiting to see ‘what happens’ next month and will then ‘make his decision’ as to where his future lies, and has been linked to both Spurs and Arsenal recently but says he has not received any offers from either club – if you have not received any offers why mention it? To me it seems like you are ‘inviting them’ mate!

I like the fella, but to be honest I feel that he is another that ‘is not’ playing for the club and does not sound as if he will – so, sorry, but as much as I do like him and thought he was fantastic last season, he has arguably been as poor this season as he was good then, so get rid perhaps? He and his partner look very ropey at the back this season…


I wondered when he would rear his head!
He has dropped ‘not so subtle’ hints about our players since going to Spurs but in a typical ‘plead for poverty’ manner Harry Redknapp has claimed that he cannot afford to take Defoe back to Spurs – that is of course forgetting the ‘minor’ technicality that he cannot actually resign him anyway next month!

‘He’ paid good money for him last year, he claims £9m, and also claims that we ‘have a massive offer from somebody for him’ – sounds to me as if he is doing his classic ‘lets unsettle things a little bit trick’, which he has been notorious for throughout his managerial career – basically he taps people up in his roundabout way. I wish I had been more open to just how annoying this is when he was manager here, it was almost ‘acceptable’, even though it is very wrong and very underhanded…

Forgetting the fact that Defoe can not return next month, but if he thought we would sell him for less than we paid for him, he is sorely mistaken – also if he thinks he will be able to get Stewart Downing from Boro for anything less than £10m – even though to be honest I do not particularly rate the fella – again he needs a rethink.

Go and plead poverty somewhere else Harry, ‘if’ we do sell anyone to Spurs I pray that they have to pay more than anyone else would – although I fear the ‘old pals act’ could see him ‘done a turn’…


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