Date: 28th October 2008 at 10:20am
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The past few days for Pompey fans have been pretty torrid.

There are some who saw it unfold live, and those who woke up the next morning in bed, after a well-deserved extra hour, expecting to win three points against Fulham as a team.

Unfortunately for us though, Harry was never truly part of our team. Despite his pledges to the club, after he fell out of the running for the England job and rejected the Newcastle post, I couldn’t help but fear any team with a better infrastructure that sniffs around Harry would have him off in a shot. Harry was never one for quashing rumours linking him away from Fratton Park, instead reminding the club so often how we were forever in his debt. He took us from the bottom of Division 1 to the Premiership and then saved us, ‘when they were gone’, at the bottom of the Premiership and boy did we know about it.

So Harry you’ve left us once again and best of luck in the future. It’s just a shame that as you were walking out of the door you couldn’t keep that mouth of yours shut, and although we would have been sad we could have held you in high regard for all you did for us. However the manner in which you left belittled the club, the players and more importantly the fans. I’m just glad and thankful for the kind messages from fans from other teams in the Premiership who realise what a coward, a liar and an ego you are. No doubt you’ll be singing your own praises once you’ve gotten Spurs from the bottom to middle table and scrapping for places outside of the top 6. Yes the top 6 Harry! Villa are too much of a force for you now, City have all the money in the world and the top four are so far ahead of the club you’ve waited for all your life, despite you claiming last season that you grew up as an Arsenal fan! But when has loyalty ever mattered to you? A leopard can never change its spots.

So this is it, the final chapter. A chance for Portsmouth Football Club to move on and out of the shadow of an ego. Thank you once again Harry but no thanks. Unfortunately you’ve tarnished all that you did here and it took more than just you to promote us, save us and win the F.A. Cup.

Please watch this short video I have made about Harry Redknapp. It’s not your typical crass YouTube affair, I tried to put a little thought into it, but hopefully it will illustrate the good times as well as the bad.

Written by stillthewhizz.

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14 Replies to “A tribute to Harry Redknapp”

  • Good video, wish i had such a balanced view of HR. Unfortunately,I feel like the woman whose husband had an affair with the tramp down the road,after which i’ve taken him back and forgiven but not forgotten what he’d done,only for the b*****d to do it again with another floosy who flutters her eyelids and dropped her knickers for him ! I don’t dislike Spurs as a club,but I wish upon them nearly as much misfortune as the lot up the road,while HR is there. (Rant Over !) Play Up Pompey !!!

  • Yes stillthewhizz, “HR”s past boasting, I found embarressing and ingratiating. I believe Gaydamak put a stop to that. In fact I also think the Gaydamak/Redknapp relationship was far from the picture painted and Gaydamak is pleased with his departure. Lets look forward to some straight and honest talking from Pompey in the future and watch “HR”s twitching reach unbearable levels at White Hart Lane.

  • Good article stillthewhizz, spot on, but I think I’ll pass on the video. I’m all Harry’d out after the last few days, makes me feel like vomiting just looking at him.

  • No. I am gutted we have we have lost the best thing that has happened to us. Without him we wouldn’t have achived f all & still be in the bottom 6 of the championship. Cheap poison words are a bit pathetic.

  • I’m not defending the man at all guys. I just wanted to show pictorially the journey in which we went with Harry and I found it a more powerful way of showing how deceitful he is/was.

  • Storagematt!! Bloody hell the only Pompey fan with some intelligence!! Harry made you what you are today, you lot should respect him. Face it he done brilliant at Bournemouth, West Ham, and Your-Ungrateful-selves!!! He is one of the Best ENGLISH managers around!!!

  • Matt, They’e not cheap poison words. I rate him as a manager but have always regarded him as duplicitous and self-regarding when it comes to his character. Yes, he is one of the best English managers around but, seriously, the Pompey world ain’t going to stop spinning without him. Tractor, not sure we’re ungrateful; he was welcomed back after skulking off to Scumpton. The fans who lauded him helped create the legend that is Harry Redknapp. With Harry, there was good (often VERY good) and bad but, come on, let’s not make him out to be some God-like figure.

  • Anybody name up to three non-duplicitous people in modern football? Anyone turn down big money offers from a big club to stay with the team they loved? Does Matt Le Tissier qualify in this respect? Alan Knight – were there ever any big offers for him? I am sharing everyon’e pain about Pompey after Harry but not because I think we’ll miss him that much, it’s because of who will leave us in January as a consequence of Harry opening up Daniel Levy’s wallet and finding huge wads to spend. We didn’t think Diarra would be here after January, Harry or not, surely? And Defoe would always have been a difficult one to hang onto. These guys are all professional footballers after money and glory and there isn’t enough of that available to them at Fratton and it is unlikely that there ever will be in our lifetimes. There’s a world of difference between what the game means for a professional and what it means for fans like us who have Pompey in our DNA and will never abandon it come rain or shine. If anyone thought Harry meant “Pompey till I die” rather than “Pompey as long as it suits me to be” they are a fool – sorry, it’s harsh, but that’s the modern world. We will continue to rage about the situation, especially come january’s transfer window but it’s like raging against world poverty or the state of the NHS. Sure – we’d all like it to be different but it isn’t and none of us are willing to pay the taxes or launch a revolution to make these things different. We love watching Pompey win the cup, sign Crouch and Defoe, we buy the different kits every year knowing we’re being exploited every step of the way but the down side of this is that these things come about as a result of capitalism and the free market. It’s likely we wouldn’t have achieved much without Harry – we’d have been in the Championship having to travel to bloody Ipswich every year. Just this season I have had the immense pleasure of watching some of the best live football I have ever seen. It is likely that many of those who are supplying this spectacle won’t be here in twelve months but I wouldn’t swap any of the games I’ve seen this season for something bland and steady with cut price players and that’s what we’d be looking at if we’d gone down. Harry’s done a lot and I’m sad that we’re looking over the edge of a precipice but that’s the name of the modern game. We take the rough with the smooth and it looks like here comes the rough.

  • Think i’ll pass on the video, Harry’s an Arse ! Pompey are where they are today because of a team effort not just Harry Redknapp.
    Pete-the-Tractor….. Why should i respect him? he doesn’t put food on my table or pay my bills ! Ungrateful?? What ever fella…..
    You related to Mr Redknapp?? You talk as much crap as he does.

  • Don’t pass on the video if you think it’s really pro Harry. The propaganda style red filter will help to infuriate you further!

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