Date: 3rd September 2009 at 10:27am
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Administration. This is a threat from the past, after this lets leave it in the past, along with all the talk about ‘this and that player’, as we now look forward…

The dreaded ‘administration’ word, in connection with Pompey, reared its ugly head on Sunday with an interview that Peter Storrie gave The Sunday Mirror, but he has today elaborated on this with what he told The News.

Sunday’s interview suggested that administration could have been close, and could have been something that Sasha was even prepared to let happen, but today Storrie admits that this came ‘very close’ when some that had become impatient at waiting for money ran out of patience: ‘on a couple of occasions it got very close.

‘It’s something I was personally fighting very heavily against but at the end of the day you can only ask people so many times to give you a little longer to pay things.

‘Some of the football clubs and the revenue and agents were being absolutely fantastic and doing a lot of it on my name really and saying ‘okay, we’ll do it for you Peter’.

‘They were being very, very understanding but even they, rightly so, were getting to the point of saying ‘how many more times can we do this?’

‘I really do want to say a big ‘thank you’ to all those people helped us so much to get into this position so we’re now going forward.’

We had our glory, and you cannot change the past – would you even want to? – as I have said previously I am sure lessons have been learned from this, they bloody well better had!

It all comes back to the thing that I, and others have been banging on about for ages, we must now get the infrastructure of Portsmouth Football Club sorted out – lets give this club some structure and a platform to build on, we have had no ‘ground rules’ for a long time, you cannot keep throwing money at people and offer them obscene amounts of money, eventually you get found out, as we did when Daddy stopped giving Sacha money to ‘play with’…

We now know that the Wolves have been kept from the door, our future is secure but what we now need is for the club to develop this structure.

Lets finally stop all the poxy talking about it and once and for all get Fratton redeveloped, lets look to get prices at a fair level – obviously next season as you cannot alter now as it is not fair – because if they are, even if ticket prices are less the fact that more will come through the gates will generate more revenue and not only from ticket sales but also the commercial sales from the club shop on the day and other merchandise around the club. The commercial spin-offs of a larger ground and tie-ins you can get with this also generate money. But, we must ensure that the life and soul is not drained out of Fratton – development, and maybe in time a new home altogether, must be done to help retain our atmosphere.

We have worked wonders on the academy in recent years, but putting in more to ensure that even more quality players are produced, or we can at least attract younger players to further develop, means that if you produce your own you save millions in the transfer market and if they eventually move on you could also earn millions, not that we want to be a selling club, but you have to be realistic.

This long overdue training complex needs to be built, training facilities that are fitting of a premier league club will also help attract players. This will also aid the development of those coming through, proper facilities make for proper players.

Until we lay down foundations we can never move forward, it is all very well people saying that SAF, or even Storrie’s group that could well still get involved, should ‘splash the cash’ but what will that achieve? Have we learned nothing from what has happened? We are not financially viable to do this, if we throw money at players we will just go round in circles and do the same thing all over again!

Living within our means is what we must do, as we lived beyond this, wildly beyond this almost to the point where we lost the club – we, like the phoenix from the ashes, can rise again but this will take time and the 5-10-year plan spoken about is a realistic one, but as said – yet again – for any of this to be possible we first look at the structure of the club.

So, for me I would forgo bringing in ‘star names’ in order to get this structure in place to ensure that when we eventually do start bringing in better quality players that we are in a financial position to be able to keep them and build on this.

Granted we will still need some more recruits in January, and this will involve some money being spent – this is when SAF needs to prove that he has it – but we now have a bunch of guys, that on the whole:

* Do want to be here…
* Will give 100% every week…
* Do have the quality to keep us up, even if it means finishing 17th – I will take it!
* Will play for the club, the shirt and the fans…
* And, are up for the fight unlike so many of the prima donnas before them…

I do not want us to ever be in a position again where we are threatened with administration, there has been enough threat of this over the years and with the money involved in the game now we should not have to be!

We appear to have set out a wage structure, which is good, but we must now keep to that – as we grow again this structure starts to increase slightly, but only as long as it stays within the means.

But, above all lets live by the if you do not have it do not spend it way of thinking – we live in a culture that is spending today but paying tomorrow, and look where this has led us, as a nation and globally! As a club lets spend today and pay today, if we cannot pay it then do not spend it! Why spend what you do not have? It is just a shame that some can get away with this more than others.

Good things come to those that wait, yep as said I loved the ride we went on but I will enjoy this ride a hell of a lot more, with the right people onboard, as if we do it the right way the rewards at the end of this, not just for our generation but future generations, will be well worth it if – as I say again – we do it right…

No more looking back guys, what is in the past stays in the past, we now look forward!


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